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Our Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts From Amazon Prime For Her

Valentine's  Amazon Prime Gifts

Valentine's Day is next week, and all we have to say is thank goodness for Amazon Prime. Our go to place to get everything and anything our heart desires delivered the very next day, including Valentine's Day gifts.

Before you hop on over to Amazon and start adding things to your cart, peruse our top 10 Amazon Prime Valentine's Gifts (for her). We curated 10 gifts that we would personally love to receive. Happy love day! Stay tuned to see what we picked out for the guys in our lives.

butterfly wall decals

The ideal Valentine's Day gift for anyone who loves color, butterflies or anything whimsical. These removable butterfly wall decals are beyond whimsical. Ranging in all different colors you are sure to brighten up her day.
Butterfly Wall Decals ($12.99)

Flower Bud Vase

Step 1: Buy this cheery and bright 8 -tube vase on Amazon Prime!

Step 2: Run to the store on Valentine's Day and insert flowers.

Step 3: Bring this over to that special someone in your life and trust us they will be smiling ear to ear.

Bright 8 -tube vase ($33.83)

Rose Gold Iphone Case

For the stylish girl in your life who always forgets her wallet/charger! Surprise her with a 10ft lighting cable 2 pack and this rose gold wallet/phone case . Now she'll always have enough juice to text you.

10ft Lighting Cable 2 Pack($8.99)
Rose Gold Wallet/Phone Case ($19.99)

Love Rings

Step up your game and say, "I love you," with one of these ultra cute rings. We're just going out on a limb here, but we bet she'd love to receive anyone of these rings from you!
14k Yellow Gold "Love" Ring
XO 14k Gold Hugs and Kisses Ring
14K Italian Rose Gold "Love Ring

Grumpy Cat Slippers

Stop right meow! Life is not always sunshine and roses, and we all feel like a grumpy cat sometimes! However, if we had these grumpy cat slippers on we would definitely smile each time we glanced down at our feet.

Grumpy Cat Slippers ($72.92)

Vacation Fund Savings Jar

Put a few dollars in this vacation fund jar and gift it to your wanderlust partner. If you each put in $5 dollars everyday when you get home from work you'll have $960 in 6 months. Imagine if you each put in $10 a day. You'd have $2400 in 6 months. Oh, the vacation possibilities!

Vacation Fund Jar ($14.99)

Red Velvet Cake

Chocolates are always nice! However ... a rich, yummy, sumptuous red velvet cake ($49.99) will really show her how much you love her. Please note you must order this cake before February 11 in order to get it before Valentine's day.

Red Velvet Cake ($49.99)

I Love You To The Moon And Back key chain

Show her you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. Give her a key to your house! A simple gesture that means so much! This keychain is a  little under $10, but you can't put a price on how happy she will be at your commitment.

Love You to The Moon And Back Keychain ($9.95)

Animal hooded jammies

Play to her cozy animal side and buy her this fleece hooded animal tunic ($54.00)! Perfect to wear when you just want to watch Amazon Prime and chill.

Layla Womeon's Marled Fleece Hooded Animal Tunic ($54.00) 

Infused Water Bottle

The health nut lady in your life needs this BPA-FREE infused water bottle. Bring it to her with a basket of her favorite fruit and she'll feel like you really get her.

BPA-FREE Infused Water Bottle ($7.97)

Amazon Prime

Didn't find anything that she might like? Just get her Amazon Prime, best gift ever.
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