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Our Favorite Bold Wedding Cakes

Our Favorite Bold Wedding Cakes

So you want a dramatic statement piece of a wedding cake. Well, one thing is for sure, classic white is pretty much off the dessert table. No, we won’t say statement cakes are never white, (never say never) in fact you’ll see at least a couple all-white wedding cakes in our examples but they grabbed our attention in other creative ways to earn their place on this roundup of bold statement cakes.

If you are into eye-popping color, unique designs, or even the odd cake frosting texture, you are going to want to stick around for this, these next fourteen cakes are some of our favorites due to their out of the box nature and sweet bending of the common cake rules.

Size Doesn't Matter

blue and gold mini cake

fresh and clean bridal lookgold white and soft blue table decorlight and clean brunch wedding

As a gentle starting place, this first little cake caught our eye, not due to its startling size or its overwhelming design. No, this little blue and gold creation has us fawning over it because it does a great job with the minimal amount of flair heaped on it. Size isn't always what you want in cake, and this cake keeps leftovers to a minimum and gorgeously captures the fresh and clean brunch style of this wedding. 

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Photos: Cecelina Photography

Cake: Claire Owen Cakes

Colors pop off of dark backdrops

bold floral wedding cake in black

dramatic sweetheart table

dramatic wedding couple looksdramatic gold and candle lit wedding decor

Want your wedding colors to really jump off your cake? Well, then artistically speaking, colors look more vibrant when you place them against a dark background. Enter the black wedding cake! These unique and trending desserts are amazing at showing off those boldly chosen colors on your big day and might we say are a stunning centerpiece to your dessert table. 

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Photos: Stephenie Masat

Cake: Made. By Lia

Capturing the surrounding textures

copper and blue marbled wedding cake

wedding couple in vintage ridefloral wedding decor for your stairselegant and formal wedding venue

The venue you choose for your big day is just as much of a component for your wedding design so perhaps pulling from the surroundings will make your cake pop! This marbled copper and blue masterpiece speaks to the history and masculinity of the space while still being surprising in its use of mismatched tier sizes, giving it a modern silhouette.

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Photos: Natasha Hurley Photography

Cake: Blossom & Crumb

Drama is more than just Cake Decor

dramatic wedding cake with floral decor and candle light

dramatic lighting for your weddingvintage and dramatic wedding table decor

romantic and dramatic bridal look

Ah, here we have one of those elusive white and bold wedding cakes! This little gem is dramatic in both look and lighting. Yes, the mood and boldness of your dessert table can be dramatically influenced by the way you choose to light it. Looking for a cake table wow-factor? Just add candles!

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Photos: Qualcosa di Blu Wedding Photography

Cake: Lady Cake

Let Your Inner Nerd Out To Play

harry potter themed cake

harry potter themed wedding venueharry potter wedding look for groomharry potter themed ceremony

We love you, awesome nerds! And this bold statement wedding cake that celebrates love and Harry Potter has us over the moon with geeky joy. So if you have a similar passion let it show, and your wedding cake is a beautiful sugar filled billboard to present your true self! 

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Photos: Forget Me Not Photography

Cake: Catie Cakes

Be You, Especially if it bends the Rules

magical wedding cake

mystical new orleans wedding venuemagical wedding centerpiece ideamoody wedding party look

Weddings aren't just for one type of person, so why celebrate with the same type of cake? This next couple brings the magic, literally, to their New Orleans wedding day with mystical symbols, tarot cards, and plenty of moody lighting... And their cake is no exception!

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Photos: Dark Roux

Cake:  Bake My Day Acadiana

Mighty Little Black Cake

mini black wedding cake

cookie favorswedding dress dressmoody grey and blue place setting

We celebrate the Little Black Dress (LBD) all the time, that sleek little number that makes you feel sexy, strong and ready to take on the world. So why not pass those same large and in charge feelings to your Little Black Wedding Cake. There may not be a lot of it but boy does that bold color pack a dramatic punch!

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Photos: OV Photography

Cake: Cake House Design

Beauty is subjective

floral topped cake in brown and gold

modern floral decorseating assignment displaygroom in gold print suit and bride in romantic dress

What is beautiful? Do you like it? Does it make you feel happy, inspired, excited? I'd call that a beautiful thing. Now does that same thing inspire the same feelings in every other person... no, not always. So go bold, choose a color other might hate, it's your day make a statement about and for you! And for the record, we ADORE this brown and gold wedding cake. (Chef's kiss to the Wedding Belle Bakery.)

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Photos: White Cat Studio

Cake: Wedding Belle Bakery

A Shapley Statement

marble block wedding cake

bride and groom in Chicagoall greenery wedding bouquet

modern gold grey wedding table decor

Does architecture turn your head? Are you often finding yourself staring up at the beautifully designed halls of old buildings you happen through? This gold and grey Art Deco inspired wedding gets it. They even designed their statement cake after the marble blocks that make up the wedding venue! Gotta love a cake with a unique shape. 

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Photos: City Savvy Imaging

Cake: ECBG Cake Studio

A Selective Statement

bold single tier wedding cake

bride and her bouquetwedding backdrop and dress

rustic outdoor wedding table decor

Committing is hard, maybe just go bold with one of the layers of your cake. We love a cake that can be both beautiful and bold and this oxidized copper inspired cake pulls that off spectacularly. the single bold cake tier gives you a taste of modern while still maintaining a classic chic style. 

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Photos: Lilywhite Photography

Cake: Eat Your Cake Too

Bold Doesn't Have To be Bonkers

all black and flower topped cake

asymmetrical wedding flower backdropmodern black white and gold table settingbrides in modern chic wedding dresses

A simple cake can be just as bold as one of the most over the top cakes out there. Cutting back to just one bold element like this cakes bold all-black frosting can be just as impactful. Place it up against an accent wall and top it off with a few of your decor flowers and "et voilà," you have a statement cake!

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Photos: Kim Jay Photography

Cake: Schur to Please

think of your cake as an edible sculpture

fabrege egg themed wedding cake

live ballerinas on tableswhite and pink wedding sweetheart table

frothy bridal look

Cake is a medium, just like marble or clay. So with that in mind just imagine the possibilities for creating a statuesque statement cake for your wedding day! This Faberge egg and music box inspired cake gives us all the whimsical feels and perfectly matches the prima ballerina wedding it is the centerpiece of.

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Photos: David Abel Weddings

Cake: Sweet Fix

Flip The Color Palette Hierarchy 

black green and gold wedding cake

glam boho chic bridal lookwedding drink menuglam tropical wedding table decor

Another fun trick to get your cake to stand out is a simple one but is honestly highly effective! Flip the color palette hierarchy on its head. Wait what? Okay that means if your wedding day is mostly white and gold with pops of greenery, your cake will make the boldest statement if you swap out white for black, and amp up the green with little hints of gold. Get it? It still looks like your wedding theme, just in a curious reverse sort of way. Love it!

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Photos: Wild Heart Films

Cake: Rachel Bakes

the wow factor trumps all

wow factor wedding cake

glam bridal lookno budget all white wedding in Greece

no budget wedding in greece

Aaaaaaand then there is just the over the top wow factor! A cake that defies all logic or baffles you with the amount of time it took to create. And here is one such cake. Not only is it huge but all those teeny-tiny little white flowers had to be made and attached. So yes, white wedding cakes can still fit the bill for bold statement cakes, and boy does this one do that. 

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Photos: Thanos Asfis

Cake: Stelios Parliaros