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OOT Bags (Out-of-Town Bags for Wedding Guests)

What are OOT Bags?  They stand for Out-Of-Town bags for those wedding guests who've traveled from afar to witness your big day.  You fill the bag (or a box) with goodies that your guests would enjoy during their weekend stay.  Items such as cookies, chips, mints, candy, cans of soda or bottles of water.  You might want to include a tabloid magazine,  flip flops or towel for lazy reading poolside.

Out-of-town Guest Bags
Out-of-town Guest Bags

If the town is noted for its local food, you might want to include that in the hotel welcome basket as well.  Pralines for a wedding in New Orleans, maple syrup for a wedding in Vermont or French Macarons for a wedding in Paris, France.
Create a little booklet that lists the city's points-of-interests that your guest can visit if there is some down time.  Perhaps list a couple of restaurants you both like to frequent so that your guest can experience as well.  You will also want to include the weekend's itinerary leading up to the wedding day.  Include venue names, directions, and important contacts and their phone numbers.  Lastly, you must include a welcome letter in which you greet your guests who have traveled far to your destination wedding.
For destination weddings, OOT bags or OOT boxes are a great alternative to traditional wedding favors!

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