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One Size Does Not Fit All! Custom Sized Bridesmaid Robes From Modern Kimono


While giving your bridesmaid / wedding party a gift is not a set-in-stone rule, it is nice to gift your ladies with a little something to show them how much you appreciate them standing by your side. We love the idea of gifting everyone in your wedding party a super soft and pretty robe from Modern Kimono

Modern Kimono robes truly are a fantastic bridesmaid gift. They are a special reminder to all who wear them long after the wedding day has come and gone and will last you and your girls a lifetime. Their robes are sewn with 100% premium, designer cotton fabrics. 

Bridesmaids Robe

Modern Kimono stocks all of their USA MADE fabric in house. So, if you have a last minute rush there is not a problem. They will priority mail your robes to you!

If you or any of your bridesmaids are on the taller or shorter side, not a problem at all, simply let them know the approximate height and they'll adjust the hemline accordingly for the perfect fit. Best part is all of their robes are not one size fits all they have sizes 0-18! Ensuring everyone will have a robe that perfectly fits them. Hooray!

bridesmaid robe

They custom cut the length of EACH robe to your order to ensure your robe is the right length for you, and your lucky ladies. They also sew Mid Calf robes for mother and mother in laws as well as your Flower Girl robes.

Their robes are not your traditional kimono style robe. These robes have a sophisticated, modern twist to them. Chic but functional. Modern Kimono robes designed 3/4 kimono sleeves just to hit a little below the elbow so you still have the beautiful kimono sleeve effect but won't get in your way while moving around the house. No more rolling up your sleeves so they won't get wet. A perfect robe to get your day started in. No more wrapped towels falling down when you are lifting your arms to blow dry your hair and a sassy robe you can even answer the door in any time of the day. We want one!! See more real brides and bridesmaids in Modern Kimono robes here.

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