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On Trend Reception Ideas For 2020



A new decade's around the corner, which is special in and of itself. However, 2020 will have even more significance for you and your partner — it's the year you'll say "I do."

As such, you've at least thought about what your wedding will look like. You've perused magazines and probably browsed Pinterest, too. However, what you're seeing is what's in right now. You want your wedding to be of the moment, 2020 style.

Of course, we don't know what those trends will be for sure, but wedding experts have a pretty clear idea of what we can expect. Here are six of the top predictions, which you can use to plan your 2020 shindig so it's in style, even by future standards.

1. Greener Bouquets With Fancier Florals


When talking about bouquets in the past, most brides would say that the bigger the bunch, the better. In 2020, though, we'll see a shift in the blossoms that are carried. They won't be extra-large and stuffed with flowers. Instead, more wives-to-be will select greenery-heavy gatherings highlighted by a handful of high-quality blooms they really love, such as peonies or roses. When designing your florals for your big day, remember — quality over quantity. With that, you'll be on-trend for the year ahead.

2. Black Accents Among the Pastels

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 94657 AM

We think of wedding colors as soft — the bride wears white, and most flowers and decor come in shades of pastel. Next year, you might consider experimenting with darker accent colors, especially black. Whether you pop a night-colored candlestick on a saccharine tablescape or accent place cards with a sprig of dark berries, you'll be nailing yet another 2020 wedding trend. If you need inspiration, check out some of the ways other brides have already started bringing black into their big days. Everything from the cake to the flatware to the furniture is fair game.

3. At-Home Soirees


Have you secured your venue yet? If not, consider some of the properties already in your families. Does someone have a backyard big and charming enough for a wedding? You could be super 2020 and plan for your nuptials to take place there.

Some brides- and grooms-to-be might think of a backyard wedding as a cost-effective option, but one that doesn't have much flair. However, with more couples choosing to wed at home, you'll find it easy to bring the must-have reception elements to your venue. You can even DIY a lot of them now. For instance, you can build your own dance floor for as little as $4 per square foot. Renting one — or paying for a fancy venue — would be much, much more expensive.

4. Sunday Wedding? Why Not?


Once upon a time, couples had one of two options for their wedding reception — they could choose Friday night, or they could say "I do" on Saturday. You and your partner won't be beholden to such a schedule in 2020, though. Instead, you can feel free to plan your nuptials for a Sunday, and your guests won't cry foul.

Sunday will become more of an acceptable option as weddings stretch from one-day events to weekend-long gatherings. Couples have already started adding brunches, happy hours and other activities to their wedding-weekend rosters. Rather than making Sunday the day everyone departs; you can make it the big cap to your celebrations by exchanging your vows then.

5. Personalized Tablescapes


You could go to a wedding venue and have a cookie-cutter reception with a bunch of preselected features, but that wouldn't be very 2020. Instead, today's brides and grooms want their celebrations to feel like, well, them.

There are plenty of ways in which this trend will manifest in 2020. For starters, flower designs will incorporate personal elements and often tell a story. Perhaps you or your significant other had a favorite flower growing up or a particular bloom played a part in your romance. You could incorporate that into your reception to make it totally on-trend.

You can expect to see more than just customized foliage, though. Consider stamping your wedding napkins with your new monogram. In choosing this option, you get a little bonus — a set of initialed napkins to use for future dinner parties you'll host as a married couple.

6. Specialty Bars Galore


An open bar isn't the only option for a 2020 wedding. Couples have already started getting creative with their drink offerings. For instance, many will come up with a signature cocktail and give it a cheeky name that has to do with their love story.

Next year, though, you can take it up a notch by including a specialty bar at your reception. These interactive installments give guests an even more unique experience than sipping on a one-of-a-kind cocktail. A specialty bar can serve up a scotch or tequila flight for tastings, for instance. Choose a beverage near and dear to you and your partner and make it a focal point of your reception.

Get Wed on Trend

These six ideas are just a sample of what to expect in 2020. As you plan your soiree, keep them in mind. Just remember the most important wedding-planning rule of all – it's all about you at the end of the day. What feels right and special to you is always in style.


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