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Oh No, You're Really Offended. What Should You Do?

Everyone has an opinion, that's just human nature. When you are shown something, given something, taste something, try something or hear something (((you get the idea))) - you either like it or you don't. Sometimes when someone asks your opinion, even if you don't particularly have one, there's an innate urge to give one. Sometimes, it's to be supportive and other times it's to be combative. 

Sometimes we see images of people who are different from us, maybe they look different, maybe they dress in a way you don't like, make choices you don't agree with or maybe they even love someone you think they shouldn't.When people feel threatened, competitive and envious - they often get super duper offended. This is  Let's talk about what you can do if you've been the victim of being offended by someone's love or choices.