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Nuptials Signage Gets Noticed, Especially If Your Pup Is Pictured


Nuptials Signage Gets Noticed, Especially If Your Pup Is Pictured

Don’t know about you, but here at Wedding Chicks, we go kind of crazy for good wedding signage (it’s like stationery, super important). And it doesn’t have to be loud, in-your-face signage, either - sometimes the most subtle designs make the biggest splash. The 25-woman-strong team at Miss Design Berry tops our list of friendors who do amazing things for the big day, so if you’ve thought about going above and beyond the basic black & white displays for your bar(s) or escort card table, then you’ll have to get to know this brand. We can promise you that by the end of your wedding, at least one of your guests will be asking where you got your pup-printed signs from…

Just keep reading, we’ll get there. 🐶

Their stuff is the berry, berry best. 

Miss Design Berry’s mission is to produce pieces that couples can use on their wedding day, but then keep and display in their homes afterwards! From welcome to cocktail signs, guest book alternatives to photo props, everything is incredibly customized, featuring illustrations (of you and your S.O., your venue, your bridal parties, your pets, etc.) that you can only dream of.

Their newest product additions come in acrylic or wood - and they’re so much fun. Side note, the acrylic trend is so hot right now, so it’s definitely not a time to miss out!!

Nuptials Signage Gets Noticed, Especially If Your Pup Is Pictured

Some points about these fancy pieces:

  • Acrylic pieces can be clear or frosted; framed or unframed
  • Hand-stained wood comes with a keyhole cut in back for hanging, and after the wedding, it’s ready to display in your home
  • The aesthetics can work for modern or rustic wedding settings, but we also think they’re pretty on-point for bride and groom suites, respectively. Whimsical, crisp and clean for her, handsome, whiskey-fitting for him.

What IS UP, exactly, with the pups?

Kind of self-explanatory, but that’s okay, we’ll indulge. Aside from a portion of every sale going to the Beagle Freedom Project, the way Miss Design Berry brings the personality and pep of every couple’s pup into their personalized signage is straight up bitchin’ (or should we say barkin’?). Pomeranian, spaniel, retriever? Whoever you love at home can be printed onto your signage for a look that says ‘Yes, we’re THAT couple. Our 🐕 is life.’ Bonus points if you have two and can work them into his and hers signature cocktails inspired by their canine vibes.

We’re all for bringing pets to the party, but no bones about it, it can be risky business; having their likeness embossed on some decor is a much safer and sophisticated way to go!

… Oh, we didn’t forget, they can do 🐈, too. For those of you getting meowied.

Nuptials Signage Gets Noticed, Especially If Your Pup Is Pictured

If you’re wondering how MDB can know how you’ll look on your wedding day…

It’s not that they have some kind of 🔮. Rather, they base their custom illustrations on the photos that you provide them with - your people, pets, places, outfits, anything really. As soon as you place your order, Miss Design Berry will send you an online request form with an uploader for your photo assets. All you need to do is furnish the pictures you want in your design, and they’ll compile everything into a single illustration.

So, yes, they may be clueless as to what you’ll be looking like in your Hayley Paige wedding gown, but if you can send them a sweet picture of you and your partner - how you pose and look at each other on the regular - and then a separate picture of your wedding outfits, they’ll connect the dots and come up with something stunning and super authentic.

They’d pick Miss Design Berry again And again

“If I could give more than 5 stars, I absolutely would. I came in with the intention of just getting a guest book. After seeing the perfect work from Miss Design Berry (no, really. I cried when I saw the first proof), I knew I needed more. Now I have thank you cards too! I can’t wait to have a new excuse to buy something else.” ~ Kelsey

“When I first got our proofs back, I was in disbelief. The clarity and the uniqueness of each of the items was unbelievable. I didn’t give much direction besides my color theme and the artist designed everything to perfection. I literally cried when I opened up the actual packaging. Thank you so much and thank you for such a fast turn around!” ~ Sejla

“This was the most amazing customer service experience. They were super fast responding to every question and change. And our end product was absolutely PERFECT.” ~ Kelly

Nuptials Signage Gets Noticed, Especially If Your Pup Is Pictured

A sweet little something.

Wedding Chicks brides can use the code “Chicks10” to get 10 percent off any purchase through the end of April.

Follow Miss Design Berry on IG to see who’s loving them hard. You might remember Raven and Adam from somewhere…

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