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Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured


Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured

I’m going to be completely honest when I say that after being married for nearly six years, I still haven’t gotten my engagement ring insured. It’s NOT a good look, really, it isn’t. But this year is different from all of the other years I’ve been married, in that it’s a year we’ve been at home more than we’ve ever been before (well, for most of us, the heroes are on the frontlines, fighting this virus and we’re #forevergrateful). You might be thinking, hmm does it really matter if my jewelry is insured? If I’m not going anywhere that could lead to its loss or damage? But, that’s where we’ll stop you, because at some point [hopefully much sooner than later], the pandemic will be part of our past and the busyness of life will be kicking back in. That’s why it’s important to make sure you insure rn - especially if you’re among the crazy numbers of couples who get/got engaged sometime within the last five months. Our friends at Lavalier, one of the world’s best and most personalizable jewelry insurance providers, are confident in their coverage options for engagement rings - and, in fact, they advise taking advantage of this “down time” to get all of your precious jewelry protected. Message received!!

They shine in their category. 

Not unlike a sparkling 3-carat diamond, Lavalier shines in its respective [insurance] industry. Homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, even more specific jewelry warranties don’t usually provide a portfolio of coverage options (loss, theft, damage, earthquake/flood, gifts to others/loved ones, worldwide coverage) to safeguard your jewelry, but Lavalier does. More impressively, they do it without a one-size-fits-all approach: your jewelry is unique, your jewelry is valuable, and with Lavalier, you can find personalized guardianship for your gems and jewels, baubles and brooches. Even pieces that you’ve just acquired. As long as you have a plan with Lavalier, any new jewelry that you purchase receives limited coverage for up to 30 days - adding something new to the policy, for full coverage, takes no time at all.

Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured

Should you ever have to navigate through unfortunate events that can lead to loss, theft, or damage of your jewelry, Lavalier is here for you. Their claims settlement, just as much as their coverage, is tailored to your particular trinkets, and the whole undertaking - from start to finish - is designed to be as painless as possible. Not going to lie, with the uncertainties and stresses of this year, alone, a painless process is high on our priority list.

The peace of mind in THIS place and time is PRETTY IMPORTANT

Nobody plans to lose or damage a piece of jewelry, but it happens. Probably even more so now, when we’re all spending our extra time at home reorganizing our lives, clearing out the chaos, embarking on new milestones, and exploring new extracurriculars. Lavalier offers insurance at an affordable rate, with fast, easy online quotes and application.

Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured

We mentioned marriage proposals and we’re all here for them. We certainly won’t say that an engagement ring accepted during this pandemic is any more precious than a ring from a pre or post-COVID proposal. It’s just that this unprecedented time has seemingly made us all hold onto the good things, the happy cries and the clearer skies in life a little tighter than we would have before. So, a new piece of jewelry on that finger in the midst of it all, it might mean just a bit more 🤫.

The price for a policy is typically 1-2% of the ring’s value, but when you consider the incalculable value of its sentiment and your soon-to-be spouse, it’s truly such a steal….

It’s not only engagement rings or wedding bands that can be covered, either, heirlooms, vintage jewelry, children’s pieces that need to be kept safe until the kids can take care of their possessions on their own, etc. all of it can be accounted for in your policy. So, now is the perfect time to take stock in items you cherish most and keep close to your heart. We can’t thank COVID-19 for much, what with its catastrophic path of destruction, but being able to press pause and savor all of the special parts of our lives, people, places, and things, has been a unique kind of blessing.

Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured

If 2020 has taught us anything...

It’s that there are no guarantees in life: to be ahead of the game, we have to expect the unexpected. Preparation and preemptive protection are incredibly important. So, whether you’re insuring your new engagement ring or the earrings your grandmother gave you to share with your own daughter one day, you can protect these emblematic symbols and all that they stand for with an easy, affordable, comprehensive, and customized jewelry insurance solution through Lavalier.

Here's to not looking back and embracing what's to come! 

Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured

Now Is a Good Time to Get Your Jewelry Insured

Take advantage of this life pause caused by COVID and get your free quote today!

(I'm doing it right now!!) 

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