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Nonstop Fun for You and Your Hun in Marathon Island Florida

Whether you’re planning your first vacation together, a buddy-moon with you bestie and the boys, a trip to celebrate your engagement, a getaway to decompress from wedding planning stress or your wedding itself, you won’t be disappointed if your locale is a Flo-cal. We happen to love the Florida Keys for the tropical vibes and Caribbean chill you can find without having to escape the U.S. And we’ve learned a lot about Marathon Island, enough to make us say, with confidence, that the marathon of fun to be had makes it a premiere place to pack a bag and jet-set with your significant other.

From boating to biking, snorkeling to soaking up the sun, the opportunities to bond with your bae are infinite. We teamed up with the Florida Keys Tourism Board to bring you a snapshot of the happs you can find in Marathon. Swipe through to see what we’ve been eyeing on the Island.

Warning: couples in the following pictures may appear happier than most… because they are. #coupleenvy in #marathonflorida

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Photographersdelfi de la Rua on Unsplash