New Year, New ‘I Do’ Planning Book

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December was a HUGE month for celebrity weddings and engagements - from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s multi-day nuptials to Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara’s backyard bash, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s secret pre-Christmas soiree, to Heidi Klum’s engagement and Debby Ryan’s new ring, the ‘I Do’ and ‘hell yes’ spirit was just as alive as the holiday spirit this time around. And Hollywood couples aren’t the only ones drinking the Kool-Aid, non-celebs are walking into newlywed life or boarding the fiancé train just as much. So, for anyone who has plans to see their newly-engaged friend(s) now that 2019 is here, you’ll probably want to bring something nice to let them know it’s their year and you’re not at all salty over their happy news… That’s just what good, supportive friends do. Duh. The newly-released Modern Wedding, written Kelsey McKinnon and published by Artisan Books, is the sweetest gift and it won’t blow your already-tapped-out budget, either.

Why we love it

Okay, so we’re not about to throw shade at all, butttt the fact that ‘Modern Wedding’ is in the title really does speak to a book that celebrates the antithesis of the cookie-cutter wedding. Tons of wedding planning guides have come out in the last few decades and as much as they’ve paved the way for evolution in the world of weddings, they still focus on a very particular aesthetic. And couples kind of have to follow their prescriptions in order to have that picture-perfect wedding, the one that all the wedding blogs will be stalking to get all those precious photos of - after the fact.

Modern Wedding: Creating a Celebration That Looks and Feels Like You is an actual anthem for just-engaged guys and girls. “That looks and feels like you,” ugh, they got us right there. So inviting, so personalized, so attentive, so familiar, so supportive. Everything that a wedding planning book should be. 

Why you’ll love it

Several reasons and we obviously have to spell all of them out!

Author of Modern Wedding Kelsey McKinnon

It’s literally a brand-new ‘I Do’ debut.

Let’s be real, if your best friend, sister, cousin, work wife, former sorority sister, etc. is basic (and we ALL are, no judgment there), she’ll already have a Mrs. Box or new ring holder, a pack of bling wipes, a wine tumbler with some iteration of soon-to-be-wifey written on it, and a huge stack of marriage-prep magazines by the time you see her. That’s why she’ll appreciate receiving a planning book that she hasn’t seen on all of her friends’ coffee tables when they were all getting married. Modern Wedding: Creating a Celebration That Looks and Feels Like You legit just came out (on shelves as of December 11, 2018) - so not only is the content super fresh and modern, so is the book itself!

It’s pretty damn easy and intuitive to read through.

As a wedding person, I’m always excited to get my hands on a new industry read, and for this one, it was no different. Each chapter unpacks elements from a wedding - from stationery and tablescapes to flowers and fashion - with examples from real couples and real weddings to inspire. All of the tips and suggestions are unbelievably of-the-moment, too, so brides and grooms will be getting lessons on the most modern apps, websites, tools, technology, and social networks to help with their nuptials. Interspersed in all the chapters are some extra special ‘insider’ hints and budget considerations, as well, that come in the form of informative blush-colored blocked-out boxes.

It’s got a great point-of-view on wedding hues.

After the introduction/preface, author Kelsey McKinnon discusses one of the biggest things that couples will be confronted with [once people find out they’re engaged]: the color story. And yes, it sounds kind of superficial, but guess what, it really isn’t. The color palette paints soooo much of the wedding picture/vibe - and not just the micro things like flowers and fashions, but the macro things like seasonality and overall event ambiance. Kelsey shares her own thoughts on how couples can land on their color story, including looking at influences that aren’t strictly wedding-related like music, design, food and bev, travel, and what to do if they’re still confused about their shade situation. #PantonetotheRescue.

3D Cover of Modern Wedding

It’s complete with resources that have been meticulously vetted.

Another one of our favorite parts of this book is the treasure trove of wedding and general event professionals that Kelsey has worked with personally - she wrote this book as she was planning her own nuptials - or professionally (she was simultaneously working as an editor for C Magazine). And the talents aren’t just tiny footnotes, either, from bakeries+confectioners to caterers, floral designers to reception performers, the blurbs and bios on these businesses are incredibly impactful and chock full of useful information to follow along with their feeds. Everything is outlined in detail to help readers streamline their searches for people and products to bring their vow visions to life.

Its ethos really just earns ALL of our respect.

At the end of the day, wedding editor/author Kelsey McKinnon - with her book - demonstrates that a successful event is not based on how much you spend on it, rather, it’s about finding special ways to incorporate the things that reflect a couple’s core values and interests into the celebration. And to help them get there on budget, the book is filled with hundreds of creative ideas and photographs, guides, checklists, vendors, and resources to help misters and misses plan an event that feels like them. Plus, the book is (at most) only $40 in hardcover and $17 in ebook on the publisher’s website. Under 50 bucks 🙌🙌🙌

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