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New Folk Collection from Daalarna Couture Takes Back Tradition

New Folk Collection from Daalarna Couture Takes Back TraditionPhoto Credit:

We’ve all heard that a bride should be armed with an old thing, a new thing, a borrowed thing, and a blue thing on her wedding day. At least a thousand times, right? Well, we’re not saying that it’s bad luck not to follow the tradition, annoying AF as it can be, but we’re also not saying that it’s good luck. A bride needs all the good vibes she can get on one of the biggest days of her life; so, if she can mind the rhyme, then she’ll do just fine 😉. Even better if she can knock out the old and new in one fell swoop, and a gown can do it - especially if it’s Daalarna Couture. This Budapest-based bridal house brings it with dresses that effortlessly blend tradition and modernity - and not in a way that’s conventional, either. We’ll say it - and don’t judge us - we are HUNGRY for these Hungarian designs.

Damn. We’ve got the feels.

It’s easy to say that every new bridal collection is “gorgeous from top to bottom.” Every person has his or her opinions and preferences. That being said, when we flipped through the lookbook for the newly-launched Daalarna collection, FOLK, we fell in love with everything. 100 percent.

New Folk Collection from Daalarna Couture Takes Back Tradition

New Folk Collection from Daalarna Couture Takes Back Tradition

The muse

Every dress is different and there is actually something for every kind of bride: whimsical, romantic, bohemian, glamorous, alternative, etc. with femininity and sophistication stamped onto every. single. style.

Puff sleeves and midi skirts made with layered and pulled techniques, geometric and floral motifs, as well as lace frills and pearl decorations – these romantic designs make each bridal gown desirable and dynamic. Besides the well-known bridal fabrics (lace, tulle, organza), there are some new authentic and unique additions like cotton, linen, and cotton lace.

FOLK is flawless, folks, and not just because the gowns give us life. There’s more to it, according to Daalarna’s chief designer, Anita Benes. And it comes back to our earlier sentiment about old and new and the beauty of both of them 👯‍♀️ together. This collection aims to bring unique folk design, headlined by Hungarian folk-art shapes and design cues, back into the public eye, but with an emphasis on more conscious choices for the younger generation. Yep, we're down for it. 

Get ready for gowns you’ll want to pass down.

It’s not too often that we hear about brides wanting to wear gowns that their mamas or grandmothers wore back in the day. We’re kind of too obsessed with the now, the current, the what’s hot for even just a minute. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but there’s something so special and sacred about a dress getting its due. So much heart and intention goes into a bridal gown’s design, and most of the time, it’s worn and photographed but just one time and then retired, forgotten even.

New Folk Collection from Daalarna Couture Takes Back Tradition

Anita and Co. are taking the honor and heroism of heirloom back.

While simultaneously embracing a new passion for sustainability... 

“In the past, a wedding or casual dress used to accompany its owner for the rest of her life. Therefore, women made smarter choices regarding shapes, tailoring, or colors. I love the way designers, and then their customers, took care of their dresses with logic and spirit, respecting the fabrics and creating minimal wastage. While they tailored the dresses, they never forgot that it had to last at least a lifetime and might need some adjustments as it was not rare that later on the next generation inherited them. In a modern sense, these amazing dresses were real basics and are the eternal symbols of a more sustainable society.”

Handmade in Budapest, but internationally known.

LBH, that’s what you were waiting to hear, right? Yup! Daalarna is headquartered abroad, but available at more than 30 international retailers worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands). Keep up with the trunk show sched if you’re stoked about FOLK.

And why wouldn’t you be? With French beaded lace, Italian macramé lace, laser-cut chiffon, embroidered mesh, silk satins and organzas, super soft tulles, and 3D flower appliqués, attention to detail? Ha, that’s the understatement of the century!

New Folk Collection from Daalarna Couture Takes Back Tradition


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We partnered with Daalarna Couture to get you stoked on this amazing new folk bridal collection. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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