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New England Couples, Want to Party While You Wedding Plan?


Hey there New England!!! Want to do something super fun on April 14th? How about planning your wedding day all while feeling like you were invited to a gorgeous party! Imagine stepping into a beautifully decorated room inspired by Urban Heirlooms, sitting down at a glamorous table set just for you, perhaps with the chicest touches of black accents, and sampling delectable cuisine prepared by highly sought after food trucks!

Sound amazing? Sound too good to be true for a wedding showcase? Well hold on to your hats ladies and gents and all you newly engaged New England couples out there; BESWOON is holding a wedding showcase in Portland, Maine unlike any other! This event will give you the chance to experience your wedding day even before you start planning it!

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BESWOON wants to give all of their guests to the BESWOON Wedding Showcase a night out. Attendees will be served delicious foods and sumptuous cocktails from local wedding vendors all while listening to live music and taking in the beautiful decor of three different wedding ideas. All vendors involved with the event will be in attendance for guests to meet and speak to as they take in, taste and experience all of their talents.

The Inspiration for This Beswoon Wedding Showcase:


Pairing an urban setting with unique vintage details is what this space will be all about. Springing from a love of historic and industrial locations alike this room will be warming up concrete, steel, and brick with quirky heirlooms that would be important to you and your partner. Think minimalist straight lines mixed with pocket watches, family seals, formal calligraphy, crystal decanters, and delicate china. Simply delightful!


This next room will bring timeless class back with well placed and thought out touches of black. It will give your chic event an edgy elegance that is sure to delight. Crisp whites like a glamorous wedding gown, freshly pressed napkins, a modern cake all will pop with this featured accent color. One thing you can be sure of, black and white weddings will never go out of style!


This final room will be all about celebrating in the whimsical flair that a food truck brings to an event. These days the types of food available on four wheels are only limited by your imagination. BESWOON wants you to experience the same thrill your guests might get when seeing your wedding menu posted on the side of your favorite food truck. But have no fear, this room will still be all kinds of sophisticated thanks to the talents of highly sought after vendors.

Who’s interested?

We know we would love to attend this amazing event if we could, so we know there has to be plenty of you dying to go yourselves! And for all of you we have even more good news, you can save $5 on your tickets when you buy your tickets now with the coupon code weddingchicksguest .

So put the April 14th, 2018 BESWOON Wedding Showcase on your calendar today! and get a sneak peek of what awaits you below.

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We partnered with BESWOON to share their amazing wedding showcase with you.