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Nat’l Escape Day: Turn Those Vacay Dreams Into Reality


Sooo, it’s January 30th, and it might as well be the 97th, because this month has kind of reached that OMFG it’s been forever status. I’m officially over the cold, I’m tediously tiring of the darkness, I want the spring more than ANYTHING. But today, I’m taking National Escape Day (no, really, it’s an observed holiday every year - we swear!) literally and I’m escaping. Well, I’ve actually been escaping since last week, after booking my sister’s bachelorette weekend on a cruise to the Bahamas #julycantcomesoonenough.

This day is soooo necessary, especially if you’re in the midst of planning your wedding for later this year or maybe just started getting on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s nerves - because, winter cabin fever. To avoid becoming a National Splits Month casualty, we implore you to embrace National Escape Day with us, and book something AH-MAZE for the two of you. Whether it be for your honeymoon, a pre-wedding-we’re-almost-there trip, your first vacay as a couple, or just a spontaneous WTF, we were bored and wanderlusting decision, taking time to plan out a so-good sojourn is just what we all need this time of year.

Even if you just spend tonight double tapping the crap out of your vacay wish-list locales, make sure you do it with a drink in hand and maybe some steel drum sounds echoing on your Spotify. Oh, and your boo nearby. They’re your travel buddy, after all. Date night escape!

There are so many places I’ve been dying to visit, but for now, I’ve just been spiraling down an Aruba rabbit hole. Next month, my son turns 1 (OMG WHY...HOW?!?!!), and his party is themed around this ONE happy island and a special little place called Baby Beach. We were pretty much alllllll about the essence of National Escape Day when we started planning this shindig, so we wanted to transport all of our guests, his family and friends, to a much warmer, carefree and colorful place. Aruba will be coming to Jersey in February….

And while we won’t actually be back to the island for at least another year… we can deal with a birthday bash for the coolest one-year-old, with some inspiration from his sure-to-be favorite vacay spot someday.

For everyone else, just know that Aruba is straight-up tasty for any occasion, and if you’re in the market to escape the ordinary and get away - together - this is the place to do it 😎

You could always refresh yourself on some of the most incredible destination venues for non-domestic I Dos, too. We’d call that the ultimate escape…..

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