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My Friend Bought Me A Chanel Purse And Asked For It Back



Sally and Kate went away on a girls weekend and naturally shopping was on the agenda. Before they hit up the stores they had a light lunch and of course one, two maybe three cocktails. Feeling fun, light and free they were ready to get their shop. The endorphins were flowing from the afternoon drinks and they entered Chanel

Typically Sally and Kate would have hit up Nordstrom Rack or Macy's, but the bags in the window were calling their names. Once in the store, Sally was feeling incredibly generous. She just received her income tax refund from Uncle Sam and insisted on buying them each a handbag and wallet. What? Who does that? I can see Kylie Jenner buying her bestie a bag, but us regular folk. No way! You may like: Happy Couples Do These Things

You know who does that? Someone who is guilty of SUI. (Shopping under the influence)! The festivities and drinks continued throughout the day, and they were PUMPED about their new bags. They went back to the hotel and called it day. 

Someone who is guilty of SUI
(Shopping under the influence)

They woke up the next morning and immediately Sally was having serious buyers remorse, asking that they both go back to Chanel and return the handbags and wallets. Kate was devastated and could not imagine parting with the wallet or bag. She was in love, but could not afford to shell out 4k on a handbag and purse. She asked Sally if she could make her payments on the purse and wallet. Sally agreed and Kate is now sending her $125 for the next 32 months. A case of drunk shopping gone bad.

Believe it or not, drunk shopping is a major problem. With one click you can buy anything. Scream at Alexa and poof you have the kitchen couture sandwich maker, or possibly ordered yourself some makeup from MAC, because GURL you deserve it. (the photo is from an Instagram account that was deleted...oops)


tips to save yourself from drunk shoppinG

1. When you know you are going out for drinks and shopping with the girls-  bring cash or bring your Pay-pal atm . This way you have a spending limit and you cannot buy you and your friend's new purses.

2. If you are notorious drunk gifter send all of your friends a group email:

Dear Friends,

As you know I am a drunk shopper! If I buy you a gift that exceeds $50 while we are out getting tipsy please be aware that I will ask you to return it the next day. 

xoxox- Me

3. For you, online shoppers make sure you do not have one-click shopping. All purchases require you get your card out and enter all your information. Trust us, by the time they ask for your 3 digit pin you'll be over those new boots.

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