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Ms. Markle Might Break British Tradition With Her Dress


It was only a matter of time before fashion fiends everywhere started obsessing over what Meghan Markle would wear on her wedding day. And now that we have a date marked on the calendar, it’s essentially open season for bridal gown designers who want a piece of that royal pie (or fruit cake, whichever). Of course, we’re surrrrrreeee that designers have been banging down the doors of Kensington Palace ever since the future Duchess of Sussex stepped out wearing her stunner of a trilogy engagement ring, but the one to watch: Israeli-based designer, Inbal Dror. According to The Jerusalem Post, the fashion house synonymous with elegant, yet sexy couture bridal gowns, has provided one of the only confirmed sketches for royal review.

It’s certainly an unprecedented move for the newest royal relative, considering how her predecessors have all worn British designers for their own wedding days - Kate Middleton wore Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Zara Phillips wore Stewart Parvin, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wore Samantha Shaw, respectively. But, we cannot wait to see if she really goes through with it. Because if she actually does riff on the British gown ritual, she’ll be solidifying her reputation as a new style icon.

I’ve been to quite a few Inbal Dror shows in the past few years, and can honestly say that this designer is unbelievable. Though more provocative and couture than subtle and demure, the gowns born from this genteel designer are sheer genius. Can’t say that I haven’t dreamed of being a bride again just to be able to make a much more daring debut on the aisle.

From dramatic plunging necklines to lingerie-style, corseted bodices, the unique characteristics of these red carpet-worthy dresses make them an intriguing muse for Meghan and her usual relaxed, yet totally put together style. With style heroins like chic and sophisticated Audrey Hepburn, Meghan might go in a different direction if she opts for Dror. But it’ll be a classy choice no matter what. Obvi the designer has her aesthetic, but we’re convinced she’ll temper it for the conservative, royal taste.

And even if she does go a little more sensual on May 19th, it’ll be empowering AF.

Definitely wishhhh the sketch she sent over was public knowledge, because I’d probably print it out and hang it in my bedroom (#girlcrush). But until we know more, we’ll just keep guessing. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of sexy - we wanted to give Meghan-admiring brides some inspiration….

Celestial confection anyone? These star-studded styles could easily make Markle sparkle.

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