Inspirational Wedding Ideas

Modern Chic Galaxy Inspired Wedding Ideas


Modern Chic Galaxy Inspired Wedding Ideas

As the great Carl Sagan once said, " We are all made from Star Stuff!" Every one of us is made up of molecules that originated out in space, and the thought that all the right elements came together to form two humans that could love and care for one another, well that is a truly romantic story. This next beautiful Griffith Observatory wedding inspiration celebrates this impressive love story under the stars and surrounded by them. 

Keep scrolling, you really won't want to miss either of the gorgeous dresses or the chic reception decor. There is plenty more to see in the full gallery thanks to Lauren Scott Studios

wedding venue at Griffith Observatorywedding venue at Griffith Observatory

The Love Story

When they first met the connection between them was electric. Jason, a musician, and Anna, a dancer, met at a bar for an open mic night and instantly felt sparks fly between them. After Jason’s band finished performing Anna picked up one of their CDs and listened on repeat. Just a few weeks later, Anna found out Jason had been in an accident, was paralyzed from the waist-down and was told he would never walk again. Wanting to aid in any way she could, she wrote to him in the hospital, asking to visit him. With Anna by his side, Jason underwent multiple types of physical therapy and operations to help regain strength in his legs and, eventually he began to stand and move on his own. As his abilities grew stronger, so did their connection and, with a newfound lease on life, Jason proposed to Anna. As if it were written in the stars, they have been deeply in love ever since.  

Keeping their kismet-connection at the forefront of our minds, we dreamed of ways to properly encapsulate their star-crossed love for each other in a way that matched their chic taste. Living in Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory seemed like the perfect spot: just secluded enough to see the stars, but still in the heart of the city that sparked so much between them. 

The Stars Are The Limit

We started by looking for color schemes in photos of the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies and found common notes of rich violets, soft lavenders and pinks, bright whites, and deep, bottomless blacks. We found that the drama and elegance of the galaxies would create a cohesive and vibrant wedding design for the modern couple wanting to incorporate rich, bold colors into their wedding decor. For floral design, that meant incorporating flowers with texture and abundant color to create a gradient similar to that found in the galaxies: anemones, sweet peas, and irises. In keeping with the unusual shapes of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies, Wild Muse Floral Co. kept the florals loose and organic, as if continuing to grow. 

wedding dress by Casablanca

wedding dress and wedding ringconstellation wedding dress by Casablancaconstellation wedding dress

elegant wedding couple

black velvet groom jacket

The Style

To maintain the modern and chic feel while still keeping the design cohesive, we chose a gown by Casablanca Bridal with a deep v-neck and faintly embroidered constellations on the back and skirt. For Jason, we chose a black velvet tuxedo jacket by The Black Tux to create both texture and contrast while still keeping the look fashion-forward. For the reception we traded in Anna’s classic bridal ball gown look for a sleeker, sexier gown by Chosen by One Day. With sequins from top to bottom, the dress mimicked the sparkle of the night sky while the draped fabric on the back of the dress mimicked the movement of the galaxies through space. 

The Decor

When designing the tablescape, we kept to the same themes we saw in our inspiration - pops of color against a black, grey, and white background. We chose a textured silver and white linen from Wildflower Linens and contrasted it with smokey glassware, matte black flatware, and black glass chargers all from Signature Party Rentals. For added emphasis, we used Signature’s concrete china set to mimic a full moon at each setting. With a pop of a dark purple velvet napkin, the tablescape picked up both the colors and the textures of the design. 

constellation wedding cake

cosmic wedding invitations

wedding ringswhite and purple wedding bouquet with black wedding heels

black wedding heels

black and purple wedding reception decorblack purple and grey wedding table

modern wedding place setting

modern concrete grey and deep purple wedding table setting

Dress #2

Similar to the Casablanca gown, the cake by Meebah Desserts included faint illustrations of constellations on a modern black fondant backdrop. For added color we incorporated flowers in shades of violet and lilac and placed the cake atop a black linen with silver embellishments, similar to the dark night sky with it’s twinkling stars. 

The Invites & Details

For stationery Emily Baird Design echoed both the cosmic theme and also incorporated Jason and Anna’s love for music by including lyrics on the back of the invitation from the late, great, legend David Bowie: And the stars look very different today, from his hit Space Oddity. Paired with a marquise-cut diamond ring by Susie Saltzman in a black velvet Mrs. Box, the details sparkled as much as the inspiration itself.

sheer wedding dress with tons of sprarkles

white and purple wedding flowerswedding observatory venue

sheer wedding dress with lots of sequins

glittery gown from Chosen by One Dayside swoop wedding hair and star hair accessories

wedding venue view

sweet wedding couples portraitglittery Choose By One Day dress

Griffith Observatory

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