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Mira Zwillinger Whisper of Blossom 2017 Collection

ethereal floral wedding dress by Mira Zwillinger

It’s that beautifully ethereal-like moment, when the first buds of life appear on the naked branches, still shuddering from the cold winter. It’s that moment when nature starts to whisper and hum its tune of rebirth and renewal; The moment of humble grace, right before the flourishing blossom; The moment of pristine stillness, hinting at the eye-opening magnificence to come.

The Mira Zwillinger Whisper of Blossom 2017 collection embraces palettes of nudes and roses, combining shimmering branches and vines with gentle, hand-cut flowers, a nod before they blossom into greatness. These gowns, with light-as-air appearance, are exquisitely feminine with their sequined clusters, silk petals, and sheath silhouettes, Float into the magic of nature, that whisper of blossom.

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romantic wedding gown by Mira Zwillinger