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Mint And Yellow Dance Hall Wedding


White Rabbit Studios

This cute couple had the perfect outdoor wedding planned, and then it rained. Quick thinking and a versatile venue allowed for everything to be set up indoors, so despite the downpour everyone had a phenomenal time! Bright mint and yellow details really brightened up the day, giving the perfect pop of color. Read on to hear about how this couple coped with a quick change of plans and for advice on wedding budgeting! As always, don't forget to take a peek at the full gallery here to see more of this mint and yellow dance hall wedding, all magnificently photographed by White Rabbit Studios.

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From the Bride:It gets said so often, but I was never one of those girls who dreamed of her wedding. But, somehow, our day was everything I could have ever hoped for, had I known to hope for it.

Our guestbook was a large wooden cutout of our monogram, which guests could sign the back of upon entering the ceremony, and we now have a frame filled with tags adorned with well-wishes from the reception.

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Fortunately for us, Woody and Lyla, the venue owners, were willing to let us plan for the ceremony to be held in a sweet gathering of pecan trees on their property. Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature had something better in mind and a 46-degree day (a rarity in an Alabama May!) plagued with several inches of rain required that we relocate the ceremony to the Dance Hall. Honestly, it seems to me that the wedding was always meant to be set in the Dance Hall. The Lord knew that the ceremony would be even more moving and intimate in the smaller setting and He had to let the weather get in the way to prove it.

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After visiting, we immediately felt that Lyla’s Dance Hall was the perfect setting for our reception. It felt like Alabama without being too cliché, it was enchanting and filled with gorgeous details.

Had it been possible, I would have loved to have a receiving line. Because we had to have the ceremony and the reception in the same space, we couldn't really come up with a way to work it in, but we missed talking to so many people at the reception! It just makes me a little heartsick to think of the friends I didn't get to hug!

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It was such a romantic, fun evening of dancing and being silly with dear friends who traveled from so far away to spend time with us. It’s overwhelming to think of those blessings. It’s probably impossible to accomplish everything you plan to for your wedding. And it’s definitely impossible to plan for surprisingly awful weather and the nuttiness that goes along with that. But at the end of the day, if you are surrounded by those you trust and love most who will put down everything and sacrifice warm feet to help you, and you get to marry someone who blesses you more than you deserve, the day is ultimately all you can ever dream of.

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Read on to see how much this dance hall wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Our total cost was around $14,000, and we splurged on the big items (venue, photographer, dress, etc.). But balancing those splurges with ordering the flowers from a wholesale florist and doing them ourselves, ordering printable invitations from Etsy and putting them together over the course of several weeks, serving a more casual (but still yummy!) meal and relying on the kindest friends who were willing to give up their time to serve food, cut cake, move tables and chairs and lend a hand where ever needed, all made it possible.
We worked really hard to prioritize logically when considering the budget. We knew that the venue was an important component because it really sets the whole scene for the wedding, and Lyla's couldn't have been more perfect. Spending the money to bring in a live band brought the high energy that was really important to me in creating a fun atmosphere that would encourage people to dance. In opposition to my extremely frugal nature, Justin insisted that I not skimp on the dress (he seems to think it was worth it!). Most importantly, I am absolutely sure that spending a little more money than we initially planned to on photos and choosing White Rabbit Studios as our photographer was the best decision we made in the planning process. The photos, and your experience with your photographer, stick with you. Thanks to Ashley, we are left with the most beautiful photos we could ever hope for and fun memories with an extremely personable and professional artist. It was the most perfect day!

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