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Mile High Magic: Let Colorado Wedding Productions Plan It All


Mile High Magic: Let Colorado Wedding Productions Plan It All

Usually a couple, well, a bride, really it’s a bride, decides early on what she wants for her wedding and from then on out, everything starts to move quickly. But then there are those who, instead, want something a little less planned, a little more serendipitous, much more epic - and that’s when you talk to full service Adventure Wedding and Elopement pros like Colorado Wedding Productions. Sure, these wedding gurus will plan your wedding according to your bridal blueprint - what you’ve dreamt about in terms of venue, flowers, vows, photos, video, hair and makeup - but what they really LIVE for are the times that they get to go off-book with the preparations, quite literally ‘off the beaten path.’ It’s their Adventure Wedding/Mountain Elopement portion of the business that gets their blood pumping and creates a truly unique and memorable experience for their couples (not just for the adrenaline high, but for the pretty out-of-control photos, videos, and experiences that unfold). Whether you’re a Colorado native or not, if you want to experience a wilderness-forward wedding, then there’s only one team to call on for your mountain-marital mission.

They can start basic and then take the plans to soaring heights

And we mean that both literally and figuratively. Essentially, they provide full-service planning and location suggestion, photography, videography, officiant and ceremony creation, hair and makeup, and flowers for weddings between ranging in size from just the couple up to 30 family members and friends. But let’s just explore that ‘location suggestion’ point a bit more, because yes planners certainly play a highly recommending role in their couple’s ceremony and reception scouting. Yet, with Colorado Wedding Productions, they’ll actually find you a place that has your spirit, your souls, written all over it, and they’ll do it because they not only have the right people in tow to turn it out, they know the right places. They are passionate about involving the Colorado backcountry in their work with weddings and they know the mountains better than well.

Mile High Magic: Let Colorado Wedding Productions Plan It All

Whether you’re looking for an experience that includes an 8-mile backpack hike to a mountain lake, Jeep roads ascending 13,000+ ft., or a private mountain overlook with roadside access (which grandparents can attend), you’ll get it AND you can count on having an isolated and totally-private wedding with CWP.
Why would you want to go wild with your wedding?

Well, we put together a few thoughts… And had CWP back us up…

If it’s just you two, you can do you. 

Mile High Magic: Let Colorado Wedding Productions Plan It All

December wedding at a private overlook near Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s bold, but so are they! If you’re eloping or keeping things microwedding-ish..., you don’t have to worry about anyone passing judgment on your day or making you feel like you’re doing it wrong. If that involves a sleeveless dress in plunging temps, then so be it, it’ll be beautiful. Not just beautiful, beyond.

If you’re surrendering to Mother Nature, your color will pop. 

Mile High Magic: Let Colorado Wedding Productions Plan It All

Outdoor weddings will always win, but with a Colorado mountain marriage, you’ll be prismatic against a neutral and natural backdrop. The Dwight D. Gross Reservoir is an incredible setting that gave way to an endless sky, a picturesque range in the rear, rocks and trees in the peripheral, but all you can keep your eyes on are this immaculate couple. Her kaleidoscopic bouquet standing out in front of her clean and pristine silhouette and their burning lip lock to last forever. The energy is 🔥.

If you left all the baggage behind, you’d still have a mountain building you up. 

Mile High Magic: Let Colorado Wedding Productions Plan It All

Not much to say here. As you say ‘I Do’ to the life ahead, everything you’ll ever need, want, yearn and care for will be right there in front of and beside you. ((And those good vibes, coming straight through those rays)).

Get in touch, you'll want to lock this down! 

Whether you are looking for a beautiful overlook with roadside access or a backpacking trip to a remote mountain lake, Colorado Wedding Productions will help you select a great location to fit your vision, put together your team of vendors, and coordinate the day to make sure it all goes smoothly! Oh, and if you have a special location in mind already, they’re excited to learn about it and help put it all together. There is no adventure too great, so reach out to start planning your adventure RN!


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We partnered with Colorado Wedding Productions to give adventurous couples some cues for their Colorado "I Dos." As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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