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Meghan Markle’s Tuxedo Dress Is Total Engagement Party Goals


Meghan Markle Wears Black Tuxedo Dress at Hamilton Charity Event Photo From:

It’s been a minute since we’ve talked about Meghan Markle and how much happiness she adds to our lives, so TG she did something today to give us a more formal reason to praise her hard ((as if we needed one, she’s goals always)). The Duchess and her man stepped out this evening, their first public appearance in some time, for a special fundraising gala performance of Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. And she looked 🔥🔥🔥 wearing a black tuxedo mini dress from Judith & Charles - which was equal parts polished and provocative.

Let’s just take a head-to-toe look of the goods

Meghan Markle Wears Black Judith & Charles Tuxedo Minidress at Charity EventPhoto from :

Apart from Harry and Meghan making navy blue and black work together effortlessly, her decision to wear a double-breasted tuxedo dress to a charitable evening was certainly a ballsy move - considering how tame her fashion choices have become since saying ‘I Do’ to her boo. We applaud her for it, though, because not only did it translate terrifically for the occasion, it reminded us how fierce and fashion-forward Meghan is. She’ll never lose her sway.

For anyone gearing up for their engagement party, you’ll probably want to take a page out of the Duchess’s playbook with this one. Why? Because an engagement party calls for a style statement that’s strong and self-assured, and what better than a tuxedo dress or tailored suit (Sophie Turner, talkin bout youuuu) to do the job? It’s modest enough to impress the in-laws, but still temptress-y, too. The best balance of 😇 and 😈, in other words, engagement party gold.

Take a minute to refresh yourself on our engagement party fashion rules, and if you’re not convinced that Meghan Markle’s tux takes the cake for e-party perfection, then maybe these will help.

7 tuxedo dresses that scream “Yes, I am the future Mrs. XXX, But I don’t need a new last name to prove I’m a total boss.” 

Judith & Charles Digital Dress in Black

Boohoo Double Breasted Blazer DressDress:

Charlotte Russe Tuxedo DressDress:

Calvin Klein Double Breasted Sleeveless DressDress:

Zara Tuxedo Dress VestDress:

Nasty Gal Suits You Blazer DressDress:

Boohoo Wrap Over Tuxedo DressDress:

Revolve Selene Blazer DressDress:

And once you’ve mirrored the Markle Sparkle for your engagement party ensem, you’ll def be remembering her iconic Royal aisle styles and all those dresses that look just like them.

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