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Masquerade Wedding with Masks HQ

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While traditionally it was the Bride that covered her face during the wedding ceremony, some Bridal parties are taking it to the next level by wearing masquerade masks. While it's optional for the wedding guests to wear a mask, it certainly adds to the atmosphere if they do!

Masks HQ carry one of the largest ranges of masquerade masks in the world, including a range of white metal filigree masks that are perfect for the big day. One way to ensure that the bridal party stands out is by using colors. For example, the Bride and Groom should wear white masks, while the rest of the bridal party wear another color (usually matching the Bridesmaids' dresses), and then the guests can other wear black masquerade masks, or nothing at all. With non-traditional wedding ceremonies becoming more and more popular, why not consider adding this touch of mystery to your wedding day?

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