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Marc Jacobs Got Engaged At Chipotle


Marc Jacobs proposed to Charly DeFrancesco

4 Days ago, Charly DeFrancesco thought he and his trend-setting boyfriend Marc Jacobs were cruising into Chipotle for a salad (because you know those abs are burrito bowl free)! Case in point, the photo below Courtesy of  The Underwear Expert.

Instead, he was greeted by a flash mob dancing to Prince’s “Kiss.”  Charly seemed to think it was just a chance encounter at their local Chipotle, but after all the clapping and spinning ended, he turned to Marc, who was on one knee asking Charly to marry him!

Marc shared the news on his Instagram account, writing: “And this happened . . . . Thank you everyone, for making this happen . . . and to my Ride or Die fiancé @chardefrancesco, I LOVE YOU.”


Who is this hottie that is marrying our beloved Marc? Well... he is 37 years old and obviously is a model and actor because he's gorgeous. If you stalk them on Instagram you'll see that they like to have fun together traveling the world and just being fabulous. 

Best of all he is known as the "Hot Candle Maker" selling high-end luxury candles at Buy one and then you and Marc will essentially be smelling the same scent. 

instagram post

Two things we now know are certain in life, one Marc Jacobs loves Chipotle and two the most fashionable wedding of the year is about to happen. Hopefully, they wear matching sequin outfits like they did Comme des Garçons suits they sported during Paris Fashion Week!

Rue De Seine
World Wide Sale Event

10% off your Rue De Seine gown & a free Limited Edition Rue Jacket.

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