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Looking for the perfect rustic barn venue? Daughter's Barn at Cedar Ridge is a stunning new 3200 square ft. venue located in the heart of Folkston, Georgia. Built for their daughter's wedding with the help of family and friends, this barn is also a true labor of love! You can't help but fall in love with this charming location amongst the azalea bushes and magnolia trees on nine private acres nestled in the country.

Perfect for large weddings or small, your event will be so much more then just one day. It'll become a lifelong memory cherished by all in attendance! With several wedding packages to chose from, contact them for more information. Keep scrolling to read more about this beautiful barn, plus see more beautiful images from their daughters wedding from Bow Tie Photo


The beginning

From Daughter's Barn: It was Thanksgiving in 2015 when our daughter Danielle announced she was engaged to her long-time love Jason. Her father and I were over the moon with excitement and could not wait for the planning to begin.

Danielle proceeded over the next few months to search for a venue that would be perfect for her and Jason. As the months passed and the frustrations grew, Danielle asked if she might go up to our property in South East Georgia & possibly consider that as the site for their wedding. The second Danielle stepped on to the property we both knew it was the place for them to begin their life together.


The Barn

When Danielle visited the property for the first time, there was no barn, there were no structures to speak of at all. So, we knew from the beginning we had a lot of work on our hands. Little did we know at the time how much work it would become.

At first, Armando (my husband) and I started researching tents for the property, we started researching all the rentals we would need to bring in, literally everything would need to bring in to make this happen for our daughter. We had begun clearing the land and as the locals heard what we were doing, they started pitching in. It wasn’t until we returned to Palm Beach for a short break and had some friends over did the conception of the barn start to emerge.

Our friend, Chance, a carpenter by trade, heard the trails and tribulations of the wedding planning and he suggested we build a barn on the property. Over the next few weeks Chance had put some concepts together for us to review. Once Danielle picked her favorite concept, Daughter’s Barn was born!


true labor of love

From the beginning, we knew this barn was going to be built in Amish tradition. No heavy equipment was used. Everything was constructed by hand. Chance and Armando built tripods with winches to pull up the heavy beams and trusses. When they couldn’t figure out how they were going to get the trusses up, my husband came up with the idea to build a crane on the back of the old ford and pull each truss up to its permanent home. It truly was a labor of love.

At some point in the construction it really did start to take a toll on my husband, he was mentally and physically exhausted and he didn’t believe he had the strength to continue. There was a point where we didn’t think we would be able to finish. But neither of us could let that happen to our daughter. We had to call in the reinforcements! Family members and friends started showing up and helped with the last of the things needed. We finished the barn a few weeks before the wedding. From there, we had still had to hand build 20 farm tables and benches. It became an assembly line at one point with all of us including the bride trying to get them finished. I can’t even describe how this simple barn brought all of us together as a family.

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