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Lusan Mandongus 2017 Collection

Lusan Mandongus 2017 Collection ZETA

A rare sight in our urban night skies, Lusan Mandongus’ 2017 Bridal Collection takes inspiration from mysterious meteor showers which captivated the attention of mankind over the centuries. Following on from the Milky Way theme of 2016, Meteor Showers capture the vastness of space and the lush drama of ever-changing planets and stars as they light up the dark abyss of space. Meteors are recorded as radiating meteoroid trails, creating spectacular patterns and bursts of light.

An exquisite lace pattern for the wedding gowns is specially designed to reflect the sensual intergalactic motions, as sparkling beading lends weight as rich, shining meteors. Linear and vortex-like patterns are captured in the designs, while a cape attached to a wedding dress accentuates the concept of volume and movement. When the dress is worn by the bride-to-be, the cape helps to serve the effect of motion and the intricate forms.

Lusan Mandongus 2017 Collection EPSILON