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Lovely And Lush Romantic Wedding


Laura Goldenberger Photography @weddingchicks

The romantic wedding is a timeless staple that can never be overdone and always seems to turn out flawlessly. Love was in the air for this lovely and lush romantic wedding, and every detail is beautiful.
The blush and white color palette lent itself to the romantic atmosphere. Colors coupled with an abundance of beautiful florals has left us daydreaming for more. See more for yourself in the full gallery here, photographed by Laura Goldenberger, with styling by Brooke Keegan Weddings and Events.

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Find The Perfect Venue

The wedding planning began the very next day after Gavin proposed! I think the most difficult part was finding the right venue that would not only portray the look we wanted, but also accommodate what we needed for our guests to feel comfortable. Gavin and I agreed we wanted a rustic outdoor ceremony, with a reception at the same venue. We decided to take a look in Orange County at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club. We were pleasantly surprised when we toured the space and it had absolutely everything we were looking for. We fell in love on the spot.

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Smile Down The Aisle

I would have taken more time before the ceremony to relax and stay calm...although it is very exciting, it was a stressful and scary moment for me taking that step out in front of all your loved ones. All eyes are on you! I definitely wasn't prepared for that feeling, so I would have taken a moment alone before....also...remember to smile walking down the aisle!!!!! You'd be surprised how many photos they take :) Just remember to enjoy each and every moment because time literally flies.

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floral wedding ceremony arch @weddingchicks

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Spot On Wedding Planner

After a few meetings with Brooke, I knew she had our vibe and style down: a beautiful spiritual and rustic ceremony, followed by elegant cocktail hour with live music, and ending with a loud energetic dance party. She went on all of our floral and venue appointments to make sure everything aligned with what Gavin and I wanted-- from the ceremony arch and reception table arrangements, to the ceremony strings and live band with horns during the reception…she nailed absolutely every single vibe we were going for. There is no way we could have done it without her!

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Soak Everything In

I think what made our wedding day so perfect and special was the fact that all of our closest friends and family were there to celebrate our love. Seeing everyone in that ballroom from all walks of our lives was truly unbelievable. And what they say is true: your wedding day goes by VERY fast. I remember Gavin and I taking some quiet moments to try and soak everything in: all of the smiling faces, the laughing, the gorgeous flowers, live music…it was beyond overwhelming for the both of us to feel that much love and support.

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An Unforgettable Party

I also now know after hearing the feedback from the 170 guests who attended, it did turn out to be one unforgettable 5-hour party.Get a taste for yourself in their wedding video below, filmed by Dustin Wise.

classic white wedding cake @weddingchicks

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