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Love is all you need, but you may need these for your elopement too.


We've got the 5 things you need to elope!

Eloping is a fantastic idea for many couples. If a big fancy wedding is not your lifelong dream or you just don't want/have the funds to put on a big event, an elopement might be for you. You really do not need much to elope. Elopements are incredibly romantic and intimate and really keeps the focus on your love rather than the celebration. Of course you'll need someone to officiate, so make that the three of you. This romantic boho elopement on the River Rhine in Cologne, Germany by Karina Meri may give you just the inspiration you've been looking for!

Beach elopement ideas.

This boho elopement inspirational shoot is all about love, romantic & simplicity. An inspiration for all couples showing that you're able to get married without anything but love (and a few other things for fun).

We're sharing the 5 things you need for your elopement. If you've been considering an elopement, it can be very simple and spontaneous or planned down to the last detail. 

Will you include any guests?

Will your elopement include guests?

Decide if you'll include any guests. Just because you elope doesn't mean you have to do it alone. There might be certain people you can't live without on your special day. Invite those people. Remember than inviting one person may open your mental floodgates and one person might turn into multiple people - so be sure to reign it in and remember why you originally chose to elope.

Will you have the day documented?

We think that every elopement needs a photographer!

We wholeheartedly say YES. Document your day! Bring a photographer, that way these beautiful memories can be shared with those who weren't there in person to witness. Some people will be hurt that you didn't invite them. Do not worry about that - this is your wedding and you can do it however you like. Those people will be especially happy to see your beautiful photos.

Destination elopement wedding ideas.

Where will you elope?

What's your dream elopement location?

Will you run away to Vegas? Maybe a secret ceremony at the beach or lake nearby? Perhaps you want to go big and have a destination elopement that can double as a honeymoon? Decide as a couple what best works for you.

Who will officiate?

Who will officiate your elopement?

It all depends where you decide to elope. If you are having a destination elopement, it's likely that a stranger will marry you. Are you ok with that or do you want your officiant to be someone you know and love? If so, you can either bring them to your destination or choose to elope close enough so they can meet you there.

Elopement vow book ideas.

Traditional or Untraditional?

Fall wedding bouquet.

Do you want your elopement to resemble a traditional wedding or do you want to have an outside the box wedding? Consider this before you start the planning process. An elopement still requires some planning, not nearly as much a traditional wedding of course, but you definitely need to have some kind of plan unless you plan in driving to Vegas and getting married in a drive-thru that doesn't require much planning. Get some Vegas inspired elopement ideas here. You might be more of a Bali on the beach elopement kind of person and want to be showered in petals, if so you need to see this.

Elopement wedding ideas from simple to planned out.

We'd love to hear about your elopement! Email your story and photos, but in the meantime be sure to have a look at these dream weddings.

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