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Liz + Josh's "Hooked on Each Other" Texas Ho-Down


"Somewhere in between him asking for Burnt Orange to be one of our wedding colors and the wedding day…it turned into a full blown theme of 'Hooked on Each Other''
Liz won our bridal blogger contest last winter, which included a slideshow. We put together a slideshow of their favorite photos, get this, BEFORE the wedding (I know!) to use as presentation at the reception.
This hitchin' is particularly special since Liz is one of our bridal bloggers. Not only has she tracked her wedding planning experience on her own blog, South Texas Wedding, but she's also written for us some about her experience with Storymix. We think her and Josh's initiative to test out the WeddingMix app leading up to their big day is great and it's a trend we're really hoping catches on with more of our customers.
Liz says she and Josh were looking for a fun way to include video into their budget, "Several of my friends have recently gotten married and one of them said that their biggest regret was not having video. SEE! You should have video!" While we made it easier for this couple to afford since their package was won in one of our contests, her friends' experience definitely shows that including video in some way is on most bride's wishlist.

"I know that I have gone to multiple weddings where the professional sits us in front of the camera and asks for us to send a message to the Bride and Groom…awkward!! I think that our guests will feel much more comfortable interviewing each other, seeing  how they actually know each other. I think that using Storymix is not only going to catch all the desired video of the night, but have a much more personal feel to it than what a professional could get." Can you tell she was excited? That's what she had to say before, but how did it all end?

"I was so happy at the way that the slideshow all turned out. We didn’t request any specific song and the song that Storymix put to it was perfect! I had never even heard the song before and now I love it! All I had to do was download the video and give the venue my laptop and it would be on!"
After a small snafu, their wedding planner at  Circle the Date saved the day and was able to get things running. Their slideshow ran just after cocktail hour. Check it out!
Other things their big day on the range included were a photobooth with props and an "I DO" BBQ rehearsal dinner. How fun! So congratulations to Liz and Josh. And happy mixing, everyone!

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