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Lilium The Wild Lily 2019 Collection

beach friendly gown by Lilium

Welcome to Julie Vino's Lilium, The Wild Lily 2019 Collection, inspired by the lily flower. Known for its feminine attributes, The Lily inspires creativity, sensitivity, sensuality, and beauty. A bridal collection inspired by these four ideas is sure to impress and we have to say ... we are thoroughly impressed. 

With styles that softly compliment every body, while maintaining an element of sensuality, you are bound to feel beautiful in a Lilium wedding dress! You can find the full collection in the full gallery below. 

tulle and lace gown by Lilium

backless gown with dramatic puffed sleeves by Liliumslinky gown with dramatic puffed sleeves by Lilium

tulle skirt wedding dress with elegant top by Lilium

back showcasing full sleeved gown by Liliumslinky lace and beaded full sleeve gown by Lilium

Looking for more by Julie Vino? Check out her Instagram for tons of inspiration!

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