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Light Up Your Life with a Custom-Made Neon Sign from Echo Neon

Looking to make a big statement on your wedding day? Light it up with a custom-made neon sign from Echo Neon Studio. Echo Neon creates unique handmade LED neon signs that are perfectly designed for your wedding day, shop, and home. These aren't your traditional glass signs, in fact, they're much safer to use and even easier to install. Made from a durable, lightweight PVC, these LED neon lights have up to 100,000 hours of glow time. Best of all? There's no buzzing sound like you hear from the traditional glass tubes. Plus, these signs are way more affordable! 

It's the easiest way to custom-make your own neon sign at the lowest price. Check out all their custom sign options now. We couldn't resist and had our very own custom-made neon sign made for our ceremony backdrop below, and we're in LOVE. Super cute, right? See more designs here, or go ahead and start shopping

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