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The Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds According to Clean Origin

We’re going to put a very open and real truth out into the world RN, because we’re still feeling like people don’t know everything they should know about lab grown diamonds. Here goes: the only physical, optical, or chemical difference you’ll find between a lab-created diamond and a mined diamond is its origin. It’s as simple as that. Instead of a gemstone that was formed by high heat and high pressure under the Earth’s surface, a man-made diamond is formed simply by a replicated atmosphere inside a lab. We wanted to find the best source to help us deliver all the reals about lab grown diamonds, and Clean Origin came through - crystal clearly. See what they taught us about the truth behind these gorgeous diamonds.

The skinny on Clean Origin.

It’s undeniable that diamond engagement rings play a part in our culture. Although they’re not for everyone, they’re known, universally, as a symbol of commitment to your significant other. Yet, it wasn’t until a few years ago that a couple could be 100% confident in their origin. Enter lab grown diamonds and the start of Clean Origin.

While the idea of these diamonds may be relatively new, the diamond experts behind Clean Origin have been in the industry for years. In fact, their founder comes from three generations of diamonderes. When the breakthrough technology for man-made diamonds was released, he knew it was the only way to go moving forward.

“I’m done with mined diamonds,” says Clean Origin founder, Alexander Weindling. “There’s simply no need for them anymore. We’ve found an alternative with the same incredible makeup and none of the negative backstory. It’s a win-win.”

Clean Origin is proud to offer this beautiful, conflict-free choice to couples who are about to take their next big life step together.

The Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds According to Clean Origin

Mined diamonds def have their sparkle, but their story isn’t exactly spotless.

In fact, the mined diamond industry has a lot of dirty secrets that have been “unearthed” over the last few years. Miners and their families have been exploited through forced labor and the spoils of these diamond digs have been used to fund incredibly violent rebel movements in war-torn countries throughout Africa. Conflict diamonds lose a lot of their luster when you think about these ethical implications, and that’s not all, either.

Mined diamonds have a very high-impact carbon footprint and the mining process creates immeasurable ecological damage. On top of that, the tools, machinery, and mechanisms used to extract the diamonds require substantial amounts of energy. It’s just not sustainable, point blank.

The Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds According to Clean Origin

This is why a lab grown diamond shines.

Not only do lab-created diamonds take considerably less energy to produce, they’re also phenomenally cost-effective over their mined counterparts. According to Clean Origin, a lab grown engagement ring can legit cost 20-30% less than a mined diamond. That’s insane, especially when you think about what you can get for the price of a traditional, mined diamond engagement ring. A 20-40% larger center stone - justttt imagine the sparkle you get with that (matched with the happy, warm, and shiny feelings you get when you realize your diamond choice was squeaky clean, too).

At Clean Origin, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly diamonds may be their product, but their business is making sure that those of you who are purchasing and/or receiving their diamonds are 100% satisfied. That means that no matter how small the detail or how many questions you have, they’ll be there to help you ALL the way through this important decision. From an industry-leading 100-day money back guarantee (for all products) to chat, phone, and email support, free shipping, free resizing, and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, their business-as-usual standards are leagues above the rest. Really, check out these competitor comparisons, they’re crazy.

The Truth About Lab Grown Diamonds According to Clean Origin

Oh! And less expensive doesn't mean cheap, either…

The capital costs of mined and lab-created diamonds are pretty much the same (think all the next-step things that happen to your raw engagement stone before it’s set (cutting, polishing and inspection). It’s after this process where the costs differ. Mined diamonds have a long supply chain, but when you cut out miners, lab-created diamonds touch fewer hands, making it less expensive.

Sooo, let’s just recap. The truth about lab grown diamonds = we’re 100p positive there are ZERO negatives. Let that sink in. And once you’re done, head over to Clean Origin to make sure your own happily-ever-after origin story (the engagement ring+the proposal) is just as sparkly.


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