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Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Next Best Thing From Great Heights



Diamonds have long been a beautiful expression of love and commitment between two people, but these sparkly gems we've all come to love and cherish are not without controversy. Environmental damage and questionable ethics surrounding the diamond industry means that buying diamonds can be a dirty business. So isn’t it about time we raise our standards when it comes to choosing such a meaningful representation of ‘forever’?

Great Heights is setting a new industry standard that everyone can get behind. Their diamonds are 100% lab-grown with a process that's similar to how natural diamonds are formed. The only difference between their lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds is the origins. Molecularly, they are identical, but lab-grown diamonds rise above with a much cleaner and more ethical footprint.

"Going with 'the more ethical option' should no longer be the question. 'Which lab-grown diamond am I going to choose' should be the baseline of which all engagement ring questions begin." - Great Heights


Unbeknownst to many, you're not compromising on the quality or clarity of your stone by choosing man-made over mined. This new, environmentally conscious, and conflict-free growing process mimics the way diamonds grow in the earth -- combining high heat and pressure -- just in a controlled lab setting. The result? Ethically sourced diamonds offering the same quality and brilliance as mined stones with none of the environmental and social costs.

What Makes Them Different

Science aside, Great Heights set itself above the rest by investing in the largest supply of lab-created diamonds in the world. Not only does this give customers endless options on shape and size, but also an almost infinite variety in regards to the color, clarity, and cut. Not to mention, by integrating a CGI technology (used in the award-winning series Game of Thrones), consumers have the luxury of dynamic 360-degree views of their newly selected dream ring. A customization process to simulate what they would see in a brick and mortar store -- all with the added comfort of a digitally native experience.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are The Next Best Thing From Great Heights


Recently, Great Heights partnered with Allie Long, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team midfielder, to replace her engagement ring that was stolen out of her hotel room at the ESPYs after the World Cup win. Great Heights worked with Long to create a custom, emerald cut diamond with two trapezoid emerald-cut accent diamonds on either side. Her stunning ring is an example of the beautiful creations that can be designed with ethically-grown diamonds. And at Great Heights, they are on a mission to provide the proposer, “with visuals and descriptions on each stone and setting to help you understand exactly what you’re getting for what you’re paying, as well as where it comes from.” “Whether you want to quickly find the best ring for your preference, or compare all the options in-depth, every shopper can enjoy their ideal experience with confidence and ease”. Great Heights introduces a new way of discovering and shopping for your engagement ring.


Be A force for change

Great Heights was founded by a team of industry veterans who really know diamonds, and we're not just saying that. Together they have over 100 years of combined experience and they’re making strides towards real change in the industry by putting quality and ethics above all else. Choosing lab-grown gems over mined is the first step in instigating real change in the diamond industry, and you'll feel proud to rock a sparkly diamond with honest, ethical origins. So if you're ready to begin your forever, check out their amazing selection of diamonds now.

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