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Keepsake Tattoos Might Just Be the Best Wedding Favor Ever


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Anyone who has ever read us before will know that we’re all about unique, personalized wedding experiences. A raging wedding that’s also classy? Yah, it’s pretty much like crack to us, we live for it. So, when it comes to learning about new things that couples are doing to turn up their celebrations, we’re like 🙌🙌🙌 BRING IT, BABY. Especialllllly when those tweaks take the guest experience from 🙂 to 🤩.

We’ve heard about live wedding sketches, and love them. I mean, what can be better than having an on-site illustrator sketching your guests when they’re dressed to the nines, feeling nice and relaxed with drinks in their hands, snuggled up to their special someone? Custom artwork is a killer keepsake.

Well, we’ll do you one better: tattoos. No, not the cute temporary ones that you used to get in your goodie bags as a kid or wore at your bachelorette, the real stuff. Courtesy of The Wedding Tattooer. This guy is GOOD. And he’s INK-printing hard on the wedding world.

The Wedding Tattooer

So how’d this business come to be?

After honing his tattooing talents for over 20 years, Robert Fiore decided that it was time to bring the ancient ritual of celebratory tribal marking to a modern day atmosphere. And weddings seemed like just the right setting to start the 🔥. After all, the occasion brings together ALL of your favorite people for hours of fun and jubilation. Robert notes how “at the heart of every great occasion is a warm, positive vibe felt by everyone involved, where guests feel comfortable to relax, be themselves, and get to know each other.” So, tattoos are a logical thing to throw into the mix. We couldn’t agree more.

The Wedding Tattooer

How does it go down at the wedding?

This is where things get creative, because there really isn’t a template for how The Wedding Tattooer works. It’s kind of a blank canvas, if you will. In advance of the nuptials, Robert and his cool client couples will collaborate on a few design concepts and motifs that are minimalist, but still super meaningful - whether they’re reflective of the couple’s relationship or reminiscent of romance, love, laughter, and happily ever after, in general - to create a tattoo menu that guests can choose from. 5-6 designs at most. And then he’ll get setup at the soiree, with his popup tattoo bar, and tattoo whomever wants to indulge. It can be done during cocktail hour, or throughout the reception. Some couples even commission him to come a day before or stay a day later to do a special newlywed session. Great gift ideas for inked brides and grooms to consider for their new Mr. or Mrs.

The Wedding Tattooer

But c’mon is this mainstream enough?

Guys, we did some digging, and swiping through his online galleries, and it looks like a LOT of people are embracing this colorful new trend. Legit, we saw a few photos of grandparents getting their tats on. Of course, we also spotted several guests sitting, and/or laying down with frightful faces, but they still looked like they were having tons of fun - and well supported with a squad on standby, cheering them on. And we get it, a wedding is a time to let loose, let go of inhibitions, and chill out - so, why not take a risk? Get a tiny reminder of your wild night and forever remember the pair whose wedding literally left a stamp on you. Holla!

And if you’re anything like me, you’ve read this, acknowledged the dope factor of it all, but have some serious hesitations about the hygiene and cleanliness associated with the activity. Well, no worries… Robert is a true professional, and has NO intention of causing stress for the couple on their biggest day. He provides insurance to any of the venues that request it, and ensures every guest signs a waiver of liability - just like they’d do if they stopped by his home base Pennsylvania tattoo studio. Also, every tattoo is bandaged properly, and guests are given healing instructions with lotion (along with a cheat sheet of proper tattoo do’s and don’ts). He also pays meticulous attention to cross contamination precautions and his unique formula guarantees every guest leaves the event with a good clean tattoo keepsake.

The Wedding Tattooer

P.S. If you have any guests who you know will have a little too much fun. I.e. like Will Ferrell in Old School wild, relax. They’ll be turned away. No tattoos for the beyond bombed 👍. So, just make sure everyone on your invite list reads over our list of things all good wedding guests do

Feeling inspired yet? Take a peek at The Wedding Tattooer’s site, and make sure you follow Robert on IG 👇

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