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Kate Middleton is the (Future) Queen of Something Borrowed


Kate Middleton Queen of Something BorrowedPhoto:

It goes without saying that Kate Middleton stuns at every social occasion she attends, but last night she looked even more beautiful than she usually does (and we didn’t think that was possible). See, she accompanied her handsome hubby to the Queen’s annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace, and to complete her gorgeous ensem (an embellished white gown #bridalstylealwayskills), she donned Princess Diana’s Lover’s Knot Tiara.

Something that would certainly pair well with Meghan Markle’s trilogy engagement ring.

If Princess Di were around today, we imagine she’d be absolutely smitten with her daughter-in-law for showing one of her most cherished accessories so much love over the years. Yah, this wasn’t the first time KM broke out her late MIL’s heirloom headpiece. She wore it for her own wedding nearly seven years ago, and then again for last year’s winter party at The Palace, and most recently for a state dinner to celebrate King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain. Four times around the block? We’d say she’s a fan of the coveted crown.

And while it’s obvious that Kate fancies the tiara all on its own, umm who wouldn’t, have you seen that sparkle? She also sure knows how to flatter the family she married into. Seriously, Princess Diana would be so proud of the way her son’s striking spouse carries on her legacy.

Learning from Kate’s example, we’d say that asking your future mother-in-law, or sister-in-law to be the bearer of your #somethingborrowed is pretty much a one-way ticket to getting (and staying, if you decide to re-wear like The Duchess) in their good graces.

It wouldn’t hurt, either, if you played the role of supportive sibling when your SIL got engaged. Just sayin…

So if you’re thinking about asking your in laws for that all-important something borrowed. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

approach the conversation early

This is certainly not the time to spring the subject on them. If your future mother-in-law is anything like mine, she’ll be so flattered and want to make sure the piece of jewelry, bauble, brooch, etc. is shining bright like a diamond on your special day. So leave some room for prep time, in case she needs to have her jeweler polish or resize anything.

choose something you know she holds close to her heart

Like Kate, you’ll want to ask for something that your MIL (or SIL) really, truly cherishes - perhaps even something that you know has generational, passed-down meaning. It’ll show your new family that you’re invested in becoming a part of it and that you appreciate all of their love and support.

don't be the one to lose it

This is a biggie! While you may not have state of the art security and chaperones to safeguard your precious jewelry (not everyone can be a royal), you need to be damn sure you keep your future family’s property protected. So, if you’ll only be wearing something for your wedding day, maybe let your MIL hold it until that morning and give it back right away. If you’ll be wearing and keeping it moving forward, ensure it’s put somewhere for safekeeping.

Hey, it’s the holidays, if you want to have a discussion with your MIL now, why not get your special lady a gift that shows how much you care. And say ‘here’s something new, can I trade you for something borrowed?’

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