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Kate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MD

Kate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MDKate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MDKate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MDKate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MDKate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MDKate & Matt / Engaged / Baltimore, MD

I cannot overstate how much fun I had with Kate & Matt during their engagement shoot! They were super photogenic and like so many couples with whom I've had the pleasure of working, they were great at being themselves in front of the camera. Kate and Matt are actually the second couple I've met with this month who happened to meet on a plane so I thought I'd share their story as it's a good one. These are Kate's words:

"Last December I was living in Los Angeles traveling home to Missouri for the holidays. I had a connecting flight in Memphis, Tennessee after a horrendus red-eye flight from LAX in part because I was traveling with my cat. Needless to say, I was passed out at the gate in Memphis in a huge fluffy red vest, no make-up and bed head hair and had fallen asleep over my cat who was meowing incredibly loud. Matt, who was flying from Baltimore to Missouri, sat a few seats away and waited for the flight to be ready to board. As he describes it, he didn't know what "it" was as he passed me (It being the big red fluffy meowing creature balled up next to him). All of a sudden, I woke up in a panic worrying that I had missed the flight. I quickly turned my head to him and asked, "Is this the plane to Springfield Missouri??" He replied, "Yes, it says it right there" (pointing to the Gate sign) and laughed at my ditzyness. I rolled my eyes thinking "Great. Make me feel stupid. What a high and mighty guy this guy is." But, contrary to my thoughts, Matt thought my ditzyness was cute and started up a conversation with me. Then, we started talking... and talking... the flight got delayed but we didn't care."

"A fun side note is that both of our best friends were picking us up in the airport in Springfield. The two guys asked us out on a double date. And guess what? His best friend just asked my best friend to marry him!"
They're getting married in Missouri in June - I wish them the best! View more here.