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Jeans For Tall Women From Madewell


jeans for tall womenMadewell:

I'm 6 feet tall and I have been since I was 16. I've been checking the weather, waiting for the flood and reaching high things since the 80s. I'm well aware of my height, even though others feel the need to point it out to me over and over and over again.  Why, yes I am tall and you are so observant! (; JKJKJK I don't mind at all, it doesn't bother me and am perfectly fine with you noticing me, it's better than being overlooked. I wear heels if I feel like and I don't mind being 6'3 or taller. 

If you're a tall girl, you understand the problem with finding jeans. There are few jeans made for us AND the ones that give a little extra length also require an extra dollar sign at least. Madewell has a really reasonable price point at about $128. I don't have the ones above just yet but I do have the three below. I order them in tall because I still like a little ankle, but they also have a taller option. The ONLY problem I have found is that there's currently no way to filter to see all the jeans offered in tall - but they do note if they come in short, tall and taller in the previews.

MAJOR BONUS: Madewell also carries short, tall, taller, curvy and 10 styles in sizes 33-35. They also have Magic Pockets. Yep, magic. According to Madewell, "They offer an extra layer of holds-you-in sorcery for the slimmest, smoothest look yet." It's all true, I usually get my pockets sewn shut on some of my jeans, no need with Magic Pockets.

jeans for tall girlsMadewell:

These jeans are like butter. The fit is amazing, the length is perfect and I wear them more times than I should every week. They have the perfect amount of stretch, but don't get baggy and all stretched out.

jeans for tall womenMadewell:

I was a little nervous about ordering curvy jeans, because I'm not really curvy. They are a little higher waisted and hug and lift your butt sort of a lift and separate situation. These jeans fit like a GLOVE, no pulling them up after you have been sitting for a while, they don't stretch out and they too feel like butter.

the ebst jeans for tall girlsMadewell:

These ones have the same fit as the 9" high-rise skinny jeans in patty wash, just in a different wash and they have some artful rips in the knees. They're kind of a washed out black which I love. Not too crazy, just enough. 

Madewell also has cute everything - from shoes to bags and tops to dresses. Create an account to become a Madewell Insider

P.S. I wrote this post for tall women because I wanted to share, Madewell is not throwing any jeans my way.

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