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Ivelisse and Lane's Proposal Story

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My name is Ivelisse and the husband to be, his name is Lane. Our engagement story begins on a cold, rainy day on March 28, 2014 (yes, you read that date right, lol ) it's now in 2017 that we will be wed. So back to our romantic engagement story. I had been at home with my mother, my then 4 year old daughter and my then boyfriend Lane whom had come to visit me for the weekend (we are exactly 119 miles away from one another, then and now). We had been sitting around in the sunroom lounging when I walked away from my mother and Lane for brief moment. When I returned Lane had told me he'd like to go for a drive before he had to head back home. 

Me? I wasn't having that. I was too cold to step outside in the rain. I asked him where we were going and his reply was, no place just a drive. With much hesitation, I looked over at my mother and she then said Yes! Go, go. You and Lane need a little time alone. I looked over at Lane and agreed. 15 minutes into our drive I noticed where we were headed Beltzville State Park/Lake. I knew because on March 28, 2013 we had our first date and I had taken him to see our areas State Park. As we approached the parking lot I looked at him and said, we're staying in the car, right? He gave me a sweet look and said, nope let's go for a little walk. Like you, I'm thinking in this cold ass rain? Im going to freeze, mind you little ol' me decided to wear a white sheer long sleeve top with black skinny pants  ... yup. 


He steps out of the car, walks around to my side opens his umbrella, opens the door, and takes me by the hand. We walked hand in hand down the path to a little bench under the then bare tree. But before we approached the bench I looked to my right and noticed the little red covered bridge, where a couple whom had just gotten married were taking their wedding photos. At that very moment something in me whispered the words "engagement". You're probably thinking... wait..what?! Girl you done lost your mind.

By then we had made our way to the bench that was under the bare tree, looking out to the ice capped lake. This would be the same bench we sat on one year prior. Lane began to reminisce about our first date while giving me great big googley moogley eyes. He talked about all the things we did, how nervous we both were, and how we shared our first kiss there at the lake on that same bench. He continued to say, this how I held your beautiful hand and this is how I kissed you, then he asked me to hold the umbrella a moment. I took it into my hand while he reached into his pocket (which I thought he's probably getting his wallet) he leans over to me, with his hand still in his pocket and kisses me again and says Mami, I love you and I'm going to honor you.. I replied with huh? And in a blink of an eye he kneels in a puddle of water in the cold pouring rain and says the words, Will You Marry Me?

Large white diamond aura ring

I covered my face with my hands and began to cry and I truly Thank God because he gave me this man. I open my tear filled eyes and say Yes! We kissed, we cried, we laughed. I couldn't stop looking at my hand cause it was so surreal. He also had brought along his camera so on that same red covered bridge where moments before a bride and her groom stood and took our first engagement photos, just us. That morning he had asked my father for my hand and of course he asked my mother before we had left for our little drive. Here we are almost 3 years later planning for the day when we can say to love, cherish, and honor. Adorable ... right? 

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