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It’s Not a Wedding Without a Hashtag, Right?


It’s Not a Wedding Without a Hashtag, Right?

Okay, so, by a show of hands: how many of you can remember the color of the linens on the tables at the last wedding you went to? What about the wedding hashtag? Do you remember that? Chances are you do either because 1) it was really, really bad or 2) it was SO GOOD, like, the best. We’re hoping for the latter, because there’s nothing we love more than some witty wedding wordsmithing. Then again, if you’re used to wedding hashtags being bleh at best, then maybe you’d be a lot more inclined to hit up The Wedding Hashers when it’s your turn to tie the knot.

They’re the mavens behind your hashtag mashup

Yep, this talented group of prose perfectors has one task and one task only: to make sure your wedding hashtag is epic. We’ll get to some of the reasons why you might need to outsource your hashtag strategy a bit later on, but for now, this is what the normal protocol is for getting involved with the Wedding Hashers:

  1. You’ll share some details about your day (your names, where you met, what you like to do, as well as your wedding date, the theme, its location, etc.)

  2. You’ll get a crazy-creative crew of copywriters and social scholars at your disposal - conjuring up punny magic behind-the-scenes

  3. You’ll wind up with a bundle of BFD-level hashtag recommendations in your inbox within one business day (for some couples, coming up with their own hashtag takes one week minimum, these guys create hashtags for total strangers and they spin pure ghostwriting gold in no time at all) 

Why you might need them

It’s Not a Wedding Without a Hashtag, Right?

They’ll kick things off for you

If you’re recently engaged, in this COVID climate, you might not have a clue where to start with your wedding planning. Maybe you’re not 100 percent ready for venue go-sees yet or maybe you’re struggling to land on a date that’s far enough removed from the most imminent coronavirus threats, but not too far out that you’ll be waiting for what seems like forever to get married. Coming up with a hashtag can be a fun and low-pressure way to start moving with your plans, and once you’ve got a killer hashtag, you can expect confidence to follow.

They’ll see something that you don’t

Being “too close” to something can really take your eyes off the prize. That’s why being able to tag someone in from the sidelines can be super helpful. Maybe you’re too focused on your last names aligning for an aisle-worthy tagline that you can’t see a perfectly tailor-made match unfolding with your first names. Or maybe you’re spending so much time trying to assemble the most alliterative advertisement for your wedding that you’re failing to spot something so ingenious and interesting about your relationship and how it can be tinkered into a [hash]tag.

That’s right, tinkered, tailored, tweaked… nothing here is generated or templatized. It all comes from a real living, breathing writer.

They’ll give you that gut feeling

Those butterflies, if you will. You’ve been at weddings before, right? You remember seeing the couple’s clever hashtag and going “Awwwww so cute!!” or “Wait!! I loveeee that!” Well, if you’re trying to come up with one for your own wedding, you might not get those giddy, ‘OMG, that’s it!’ kind of feelings. But having someone else do the scribing makes the eventual samples a total surprise. When you see those hashtags for the first time, your wedding hashtags, it’s going to feel special - and we’d be shocked AF if one of them doesn’t totally suck you in. #SOLD!

It’s Not a Wedding Without a Hashtag, Right?

Need your hashtag hype person? Look no further! 👇

“They took the info and ran with it!!!! I love my hashtag and all of the ones they sent!! Fast service and efficient!!!! I love, love, LOVE THEM!!! Thanks Wedding Hashers!!!” ~ Shantell

Your wedding hashtag triumph is just a few queries away - get started now!! You don’t even have to have all of your wedding details nailed down yet to get your hashtag game going. Seriously, we'd get those deets jotted down RN!

We partnered with The Wedding Hashers to bring you some great intel on how to create the perfect wedding hashtag. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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