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It was Love at First Sight and a Fake Proposal on Their First Date

love at first sight proposal

Yelena Marie, Youtuber and blogger hit the love at first sight jackpot when she met her love Jordan. On their first night of meeting after a fun night of country dancing in Savannah, Jordan got down on one knee and offered a fake proposal. You can see the fake proposal in the left in the photo above and not to spoil the surprise, but you can guess what's really happening on the right! He knew. She knew. They just knew. The couple felt an instant connection and have been inseparable since.  Ok, go grab your tissue now if you are feeling emotional about this. I know I am ... I'll be right back. 

Have you put yourself back together? Alright then, you are probably ready to hear this sweet and simple love story and see more sweet photos!

she said yes!

Jordan and I met downtown Savannah and instantly had a connection. The first night, he "fake" proposed because we both agreed in was Love at First Sight. We have been inseparable since that day a year later. Jordan proposed on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. He took me to the same beach spot we went on the night we first said "I Love You." He had my best friend hide in the dunes and take pictures secretly of the proposal. It was so romantic and simple like I've always pictured it would be! He made it seem like a normal day at the beach so I had no idea! Definitely the best surprise ever! Be sure to watch her proposal story below.

Hopefully Yelena will keep us up to date on her wedding planning! I for one, would love to know what dress she's going to wear ... maybe she will share. Hint Hint. 

beach engagement with puppy

Jordan, Yelena and Little Gigi. So cute. These puppy parents might was to check out 15 Gifts for Your Pets. Little Gigi needs a puppy tent. Jordan and Yelena are adorable, but this puppy!!! Follow Yelena on Instagram to see more cuteness overload! Be sure to read all of our #engaged real proposal stories here and if you want to share yours, just email me!

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