Is an Opal Engagement Ring Right for You?


La More Design Opal Engagement Rings

A few weeks back, we posted about opal engagement rings, and we decided that we weren’t done with them yet ((probably because we got SUCH a huge response about it, we’ve all been on the hunt for the best #opalengagementrings around)). They’re legit all so different, from blueish stones to more rainbow-hued beauties, the prismatic poshness that these gemstones pack is unmatched. La More Design, NYC’s spot for vintage, handcrafted jewelry, just launched an opal collection that is beyond magical. So, we decided to spotlight the new iridescent iteration of their engagement rings, and try to help some of you who are thinking about an opal e-ring decide if the look is right for you.

Let’s start with some prelim questions.

Answer these five questions with a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ or check the answer that most applies to you.

Your spirit animal is a 🦄

  1. Accurate.

  2. I’m more mermaid than unicorn #sorrynotsorry

Mood jewelry made up most of your jewelry box when you were younger.

  1. Yes. I was hashtagging #mood in my mind before hashtags were even a thing.

  2. Eh, mood jewelry never really had me mystified. It also freaked me out that all my rings were always black…

Can you commit to a careful cleaning routine?

  1. I subscribe to more of a ‘my jewelry makes ME sparkle, not the other way around’ kind of sensibility

  2. Of course. I’m a freak about it, Monica Geller taught me well.

Super active? Simple yes or no.

  1. Yes

  2. No

Are you a stacker?

  1. I totally am. Love a finger party.

  2. Slacker? Yah, I’m a one and done kind of girl.


October baby?

  1. Hells yes. Libra or Scorpio for lifeeee

  2. Nope.

La More Design Opal Engagement RingFeatured Rings:

If you said that you’re a pretty chill, physically unencumbered, undercover unicorn, with a storied past involving mood jewelry and an obsession with cleaning, then you’d be a classic candidate for an opal sparkler. October babies, too, you’ve probably got a nice arsenal of opals in your jewelry box - why not add one more to the repertoire? Nah, that was just a bonus ask - you definitely don’t have to have a birthday in October to appreciate the awesomeness that is opal. Especially if you’re a natural free spirit with a penchant for the offbeat. Imagine how cool a proposal would be with one at a music festival? Boho vibes, lots of fringe, and a rainbow rock(ish) looking flawless on that finger. Blessed. So blessed.

La More Design Opal Engagement Ring Featured Ring:

LMD has the opals millennials are loving

Australia has been the main supplier of precious opals worldwide for over a century, producing more than 95% of the world opal production. Today, the world opal market has changed due to the availability of Ethiopian opal. Though first discovered in the early 1990s, Ethiopian opals hadn't started to take off in the fine opal jewelry market until around 2008 due to a major opal discovery in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia. Sometimes called "Welo Opals," these opals have translucent to transparent body colors with vivid play-of-color in a variety of patterns. This unique type of opal is rapidly trending with millennial brides-to-be due to its one-of-a-kind look and reasonable and affordable price.

At La More Design, their opal rings are made with ethically-sourced, natural, solid opals from the Wollo province of Ethiopia! So, nothing is lab created here 🙌.

La More Design Opal Bridal SetFeatured Rings:

They also have ALL the advice for keeping your opal on point

As we shared some weeks back, opals are much softer than your average gemstone (not even close to the hardness and/or durability of a diamond). Even so, they can look as captivating as ever - for years to come - with proper care and consideration. Due to their porosity, most Ethiopian opals are considered "hydrophane opals." The word "hydrophane" has Greek roots that mean "water-loving," meaning naturally adsorbent of water or liquids. Hydrophane opals have the ability to absorb water or liquids, similarly to a sponge, resulting in a change of color that may turn the opal translucent yellow or brown and cause the play-of-color to disappear temporarily. But don’t stress, the color will return once the opal is fully and naturally air-dried.

They’ve got all the opal care checkpoints on their blog, so definitely check them out if you’re becoming opal obsessed. Oh, and just because they think of everything… La More Design is now offering an extended warranty service plan for Ethiopian opal rings bought from them. It provides brides and proposing partners additional peace of mind beyond their complimentary manufacturing warranty!

La More Design Opal Engagement Ring SetFeatured Rings:

We rounded up a few of our favorite new opal options, but know that everything on their site is bespoke, so you can feel free to make some signature touches to your / your fiancé’s ring to up the sparkle factor… Diamond accents do it for us!


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