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Introducing Coppermill Kitchen's Bridal Registry

Introducing Coppermill Kitchen's Bridal RegistryMy name is Beth Ann Sweeney, founder of Coppermill Kitchen. In my previous career I was an event planner, featured on wedding chicks. It was fun to be part of each wedding I helped to design and plan. While doing events and being inspired by my brides, I began traveling to London and Paris. I instantly fell in love with the charm and quaintness found in the streets of Portobello. It was here, among the flea markets and antique shops where my idea for Coppermill Kitchen was born.
My passion has always been for the culinary arts and when I wandered through the markets in Europe I fell madly in love with antique copper cookware. I devoted every moment to researching copper companies from the 1800's. I was amazed by the stunning craftsmanship in each piece. It was on my first trip to London that I bought my first piece of antique copper cookware. As time went on, my love for each piece that I bought slowly became my obsession. I began to carefully select my cookware based on its origin, how it was made, maker’s marks, date, and function. Each piece is carefully restored in England and arrives back home to me in its original beauty. As my collection grew, I knew that I had to share my passion. Coppermill Kitchen is my way of sharing my treasures.
I have had an amazing ride thus far and have had the privilege of selling and becoming acquainted with big names in the food industry. Over the holidays, someone had requested my copper cookware for their wedding. I had never considered a wedding registry, but it wasn’t long after that I realized I still miss the wedding industry.
I knew the perfect marriage between my love for weddings and my passion for late 19th century European copper cookware was to open a bridal registry with my products. I often think about how amazing life is as I find myself circling back around and reentering the wedding world wearing a different hat.
My next trip to Europe is scheduled for June and I can’t wait to stock up on my next collection. One of the special things about my cookware for a newly married couple is that it lends a sense of romance and brings cooking as a couple back into the kitchen. Each Coppermill Kitchen piece tells a story of where it’s been and what it has seen for the last 150 years. It brings an old world feeling into the heart of your home: the kitchen.
My brides cannot wait to use their collections to cook recipes passed down from their families in luxury cookware. My cookware creates a synergy of keeping family tradition going for generations to come with old world romance.

Introducing Coppermill Kitchen's Bridal RegistryIntroducing Coppermill Kitchen's Bridal Registry