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Intention Diamonds: The new, and fabulously inspiring diamond shopping trend


Intention Diamonds: The new, and fabulously inspiring diamond shopping trend

Are you getting married or celebrating an anniversary and want something unique to wear on your special day? Or maybe you just can’t shake the feeling that you need a sparkling piece of gorgeous jewelry in your life that really speaks to you and inspires you? Meet Diamonds with Soul, a stunning new love-filled collection of diamond rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets that are perfect for the woman who wants more than just your average sparkle.

“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.” - Kate Spade

The sparkling, self-love driven Diamonds with Soul Collection is made for women, by women, to honor women. All good things must begin from a place of deep self-love.

Intention Diamonds: The new, and fabulously inspiring diamond shopping trendIntention Diamonds: The new, and fabulously inspiring diamond shopping trend

Intention Diamonds: The new, and fabulously inspiring diamond shopping trend

Setting an intention onto a special piece of jewelry allows us to draw from that profound place of connection every time we see that flawless ring or necklace sparkling in the afternoon sun. These exquisite diamond stones carry divine energy that provide a steady reminder of the infinite brilliance we all have inside of us.

Michelle Demaree, the creator of Diamonds with Soul, has taken her decade+ of experience on Rodeo Drive at esteemed houses such as Harry Winston, Tiffany & Company and Van Cleef & Arpels and has created a unique multi-shaped and faceted, near colorless collection of pears, emerald cuts, rounds and marquise diamonds, reminiscent of sparkling high jewelry, at a sparkling value. "I want every woman to own a piece that inspires and speaks to her soul" says Demaree.

"Blaze a path of your own brilliance and illuminate the world." - Anonymous

With every purchase of the Diamonds with Soul Collection, a Sparkling Intention Meditation by renowned hypnosis teacher Ryan Haddon is included. Set your personal goals for health, career, relationships, healing, protection, abundance etc. upon the piece, and tap into your highest self to align with your goals and start bringing forward the life that is waiting for you.

"I have experienced firsthand the power of meditation and tapping into one’s subconscious. It is life changing. This Sacred Intention meditation paired with an Intention Diamond gives women a powerful North Star that is a daily reminder of their highest vision for themselves. Endorphins and dopamine paired with new neuropathways built on a powerful intention result in manifestation...your dreams and intentions become your reality! It is also powerful when done as a couple on an engagement ring or intention ring” said Demaree.

The intention for this Collection is to remind every woman of their unique radiance and to inspire women to tap into the power within them to manifest the life of their wildest dreams. This collection shows women that they are standing in their own acre of diamonds as we speak, only a small shift away from their heart’s desires.

Intention Diamonds: The new, and fabulously inspiring diamond shopping trend

The multifaceted Diamonds with Soul Collection emulates the many facets of every woman. Feminine & fierce. Like a diamond, we shine brighter through the heat, pressure & polishing of life. Difficult life experiences make us sparkle that much more with wisdom, depth, compassion and inner beauty. We are radiant because we radiate love. Align with your brilliance and leave a little bit of it everywhere you go.

“I am a woman phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that is me.” - Maya Angelou

We are women blazing trails of beauty as we break through glass ceilings, forging new paths, bearing children, and nurturing the next generation of boss babes.

We are warriors and goddesses in one, passionately pursuing our dreams, infinitely endowed with the greatness, strength, and wisdom to change the world. We each have our own unique footprint. No one is you, and that is your superpower. 

 “I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself." - Marion Bradley

You are multifaceted and multidimensional, wearing every hat possible and owning it in stilettos or scrubs. Growing a life inside you and showing courage with compassion. Strength through softness. Lighting the dark with an open heart.


Adorn yourself with sparkling, unconditional love from this gorgeous intention diamond collection. Love your femininity, your creativity, your imperfections, your intelligence, your sensuality, your strength. You ARE the catch. Wear these pieces as a declaration of who you are and manifest all that you deserve in this beautiful life.

We partnered with Miss Diamond Ring to bring you this inspiring diamond shopping trend, as always thank you for supporting our sponsors! 

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