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Ines by Ines Di Santo Spring 2021 Collection


1- Santorini_Ines by Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo brideS Are sophisticated, elegant & love fashion. 

2- Mykonos_Ines by Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo draws inspiration from her brides the actual person she is talking to. Ines loves the whole creation process and she describes it as magical and different.

3- Izmir_Ines by Ines Di Santo

"I feel the dress as if I was the one getting married." 

4- Ankara_Ines by Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo loves materials and textures and the way she can put them together to make something beautiful.

5- Capri_Ines by Ines Di Santo

"When I see the bride wearing the dress from the first time, what I love to the most it to see the sparkle in her eyes."

7- Rize_Ines by Ines Di Santo

This season Ines is embracing the spirit of global love with her collection, Ines by Ines Di Santo. The gowns are inspired by sparkling cities and majestic beaches from around the world, locations that are often the backdrops of her brides ever-after moments. 

8- Adana_Ines by Ines Di Santo

As part of her initiative to be more sustainable, Ines has introduced new fabrics such as a tissue Mikado that is made of 70% recycled plastic bottles.

Ines Di Santo

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