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In 2020 You Can Still Go Big With Your Wedding Dress


In 2020 You Can Still Go Big With Your Wedding Dress Photo Credit:

Summer Fridays are weird this year, chicks, for so many reasons, but even though this virus has been doing a lot to try and take away from our wedding world, we’re excited to see designers still going BIG with bridal. Some weeks ago, we called out a number of our favorite Black designers and we’re not done - not by any stretch of the imagination - that’s why we wanted to end the week on a high note! Highlighting one of the female fashion phenoms who believes in a “no frills, no thrills” way of life. Oh, yes, are we #hereforit!

As much as we’re truly loving the lowkey wedding look that has stolen the hearts of many COVID-impacted couples, we’ll also never tire of aisle-fire silhouettes, slay-level sparkle, and 3D appliqué for days. Couture is in the details at Nneka C. Alexander’s Brides by Nona. If you’re looking for a dress that can’t be found anywhere else, then you’ll absolutely want to brainstorm your exact vision of bespoke with their talented, trend-setting team. It’s true, weddings have been turned upside down by shelter-in-place orders, social distance prescriptions, and a whole lot of necessary, yet annoying red tape, but what you wear, as the bride, is your prerogative. Whether you’re joined by 10, 50, or 300 guests (eventually), or just exchanging vows with your officiant as a witness, it’s your day and you can dress as minimally or maximum-impactfully as you intend.

Your Day, Your Dress - Make It Big, Make It Memorable, Make It You!

We also can’t think of a better time to consider something tailored-made than after all of this uncertainty, fear, and hardship has become a forlornly-remembered footnote in our history. Love isn’t cancelled and either is beautiful bride wear, so don’t be shy about stunning on your special day - however big it is.

If you have your own dress that you would like the Brides by Nona team to customize, you can absolutely do it, too, that’s one of their specializations. So, maybe mom or grandma’s dress, totally modernized? A simple dress that you wore to one of your favorite dates with your forever guy or girl? Or maybe something that gave you all the feels at first, but now falls a little too flat? They can make magic!

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“Just before the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world, the team and I had quite a few projects in the works -- a complete revamp of my studio space, a brand new haute couture collection that was totally out of the box and a makeover for the Brides by NoNA brand. All major projects...and very exciting. Despite the current situation, the team is still moving ahead cautiously but certainly so watch this space!!!” ~ Nneka C. Alexander

Totally out of the box couture? Yeah, you could say that...

We seem to remember another Serena who was the star of the show…


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