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I Tried A Bridal Juice Cleanse From Project Juice


Project Juice

Many of us have gone to great lengths to look beyond fabulous before our big day. From daily 5am boot camps, to avoiding anything with wheat. There are a ton of beauty hoops that most brides jump through to look ultra fab, and I tried one of them - The Modern Bride Beauty Kit from Project Juice.
For two days I only drank juice and ate a light salad for dinner. A program designed to remove toxins, reduce bloat, and enhance skin tone - all while alkalizing, boosting immunity and delivering a healthy glow. Here's what happened when the majority of  my diet was liquid for 2 days. Please note that Project Juice was sent to us to try, and below is an honest assessment of the two day cleanse.  We should also note that we did not receive detailed instructions on how to do the cleanse, basically winging the order of the juices. However you can find detailed instructions here. So the order below is not the correct order.

Project Juice Immnity Juice

immunity  juice

I started with the Immunity Juice. The combinations will flush your kidneys, do a bit of liver cleansing and stimulate your circulation. The first sip was a bit spicy, but then after that I thought it was delicious. I drank it in under five minutes, but I also was starving. My stomach sounded like a growling bear, so don’t plan a day on hanging out at the library while you are doing this.
Around 11am I was sooooooooo hungry. Could I make it till noon for the D-TOX juice? The fresh smell of the warm pop tart that my co-worker was eating was not helping my case. I did not last until noon, and had to break open the D-TOX at 11:14.

Project Juice D-Tox

d-tox juice

This lovely cold pressed juice has pineapple which fights inflammation and aids in digestion. Young coconut water - hydrates and balances electrolytes along with mint that surpasses bacteria and growth and invigorates your system. Along with green apple providing you with a sweet source of minerals and antioxidants. Last but not least Chlorophyll Water. It is supposed to rebuild red blood cells for an instant energy boost. I must admit it was delicious and I drank it under 5 minutes as well. It was basically amazing.
To my surprise, at noon I didn't feel hungry and the growling bear in my stomach went to sleep. I drank some green tea (FYI during a cleanse they highly suggest not drinking caffeine) but this cleanse is more like I want to reduce my muffin top in my wedding dress type of cleanse.

Tumeric Tonic from Project Juice

project juice tonics

It is 2pm and I guzzled down the Tummy Tonic. Tummy Tonic is a powerful combination of apple, aloe, apple cider vinegar, ginger, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086. Not sure what any of those things are, but they sound healthy. This little vile should help with constipation, bloating, a sense of never feeling full or lacking energy. Basically the answer to all our problems. I might have to order a case, and drink it daily. No joke, after I guzzled this down I was no longer plotting my next 17 meals.
I also noticed that Project Juice had a plethora of Wellness Shots, and after perusing them I was convinced I needed them all.  If I drank these daily I will never be sick, and feel amazing all the time.

beta bomb project juice

beta bomb

I am onto the Beta Bomb. Truth - I did not guzzle it down in five minutes like the other cold pressed juices. It was a bit more slow going. This carrot infused juice was thicker and definitely heartier. It is suppose to keep infectious agents away and rid harmful, pro-inflammatory free radicals from the blood. Although not my favorite of  The Modern Bride Beauty Kit, you know it is doing good things for your body.


get your greens

Lastly I had the #getyourgreens. This green juice was the hardest to drink! It tasted like you were literally drinking celery, cucumber, swiss chard, romaine, cilantro, lemon, ginger and aloe. It will give your body elevated nutrition, and allow it to naturally detox and improve your digestion. In a nutshell drinking this will make you the very definition of health.
Finally, you get to eat a light salad followed by your final tonic. I was surprisingly not terribly hungry, or super tired. I was prepared to do it all over again the next day. Keep reading to see how my skin looked and if there was noticeable muffin top reduction.



I woke up on Saturday and lost a total of 4lbs, there was definitely a reduction of the muffin top. If had to get into an ultra tight dress, I would have felt more confident doing so. It was as if all the bad food I had eaten over the last few weeks completely evacuated my body. My skin did look brighter, cleaner and overall way more amazing than it usually does.
Definitely a great introduction to juicing for the juice novice like myself. The bonus is the the small salad, eating this made you feel like you are not completely food deprived.

Galia Lahav Dress


I would recommend staying close to home if you are a first time juicer. You will have to use the bathroom a lot. I also did not feel like I was as sharp as I usually am at work. It took me longer to complete tasks, and think about what I was doing. Obviously it may affect everyone differently, but the ideal situation would be hanging out at home in your sweats binge watching Netflix and prepping your wedding favors. Hopefully at the end you will look as amazing as the beauty above in your Galia Lahav Dress. Happy juicing you can order  The Modern Bride Beauty Kit from Project Juice here.

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