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I do Venues ~ Tiber Canyon Ranch ~ Country at its Best

I do Venues ~ Tiber Canyon Ranch ~ Country at its Best

Photography by: Chloe of Mike Larson Inc.


Tiber Canyon Ranch is a secluded property in the central coast area of California. Tucked away in the mountains of San Luis Obispo, this superb ranch has a delightful charm all of its own. The San Louis Obispo mountains are a bit outside of our normal coverage; however, when I read the story behind Tiber Canyon Ranch I knew I had to feature it.
Will Carlton and Chris Anderson found the ranch in the early 90's. The original intention of the ranch was to provide a refuge for the two artists, where they could practice their craft of hand blown glass arts. A few years later, in an effort to share their space and incorporate their love of great food into the ranch, they planted groves of organically farmed olive trees. Hence Tiber Canyon olive oil was born.
The ranch has a communal feel. Chris's parents live on the property in a 100-year-old farm house and when it is harvest time, Will and Chris invite over hundreds of their friends to join them in canvassing orchards and celebrating the harvest.

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The wedding featured above took a rustic venue and gave it a chic contemporary feel, all while bringing in vintage elements. The juxtaposition of the design elements are amazing! The yellow and gray combination is simply awesome. This stunning color duo was well received this year and I love how this couple incorporated these modern colors into a charming country chic affair.
Light and cheery, yet hip and trendy - we just can't get enough. There isn't a detail to be missed - from the amazing hairpieces for the bridesmaids to the eclectic table scape arrangements on the tables, each piece is picture perfect. A+ for original design.