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I do Venues ~ Piedmont Community Hall ~ Photography

I do Venues ~ Piedmont Community Hall ~ Photography

Photography by: Emily Takes Photos

What We Love About This Facility

Colorful blooms and great architectural features make for a great wedding album at this understated location. The traditional Japanese Tea house has an amazing story and is a great backdrop for both portraits and candids.
The Spanish-style architecture of the building, the soaring Redwoods at the amphitheater, and the fountain at Exedra Plaza will make your photography both interesting and memorable. Take a walk with your photographer and spouse-to-be for amazing hidden treasures. Since the trail that leads beside the small creek has great foliage and dappled shade, you will find plenty of ideal shots through the filtered light.

Must-Have Shots

The fountain area at Exedra Plaza is a fabulous spot for group photos. You can use the fountain as a central point, have fun against the staircases, or even create intimate moments with the plaza as your background. The grand scale of the trees that are prominent throughout the park also make for great group portraiture.