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I do Venues ~ Empire State Mine ~ Treasure in the Gold Country

I do Venues ~ Empire State Mine ~ Treasure in the Gold Country

Photography by: Myrtle and Marjoram

About the Venue

A wilderness wedding is one of the most romantic settings imaginable for you to exchange your vows. In addition to the serene and natural settings, there are many upsides to planning a fantastic gala for you and your guests. The gorgeous wedding featured above takes place at The Empire State Mine in Grass Valley and has been spectacularly documented by the ever talented Myrtle and Marjoram.
The grounds are spectacular: courtyards, fountains, lush rolling lawns, botanical gardens, and more. Creating a picture-perfect ceremony on the steps of the 100-year old mansion is the perfect way to begin a new chapter in your history.

Ask the Expert

Talk about details - what a wonderful way to dress up the wilderness. The juxtaposition of the black and white themed celebration against the bright vivid greens of the estate grounds is breathtaking. I applaud Angela Nelson of Lulu Events who inspired this couple to take a chance and create an incredible, refined, and elegant outdoor affair in the middle of a Redwood forest.
Remember, it is all about attitude and how you put it together. With the right color palette and vision you can transform any location - including the great outdoors. Black and white are a great way to bring the indoors outdoors since they are bold enough to stand out on their own. The black and white damask fabric is a great way to introduce the WOW factor. It is a complement of a romantic theme but with a modern spin to it. Using patterns in an outdoor setting is imperative as a great way to set the design apart from the surroundings.