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I do Venues ~ Design ~ Just for Fun

I do Venues ~ Design ~ Just for Fun

Photography by: Anna Kuperberg


Girls just want to have fun! A filmtastical photo booth at your wedding - like in the pictures above captured by the talented Anna Kuperberg - can provide not only great fun for your guests, but it also creates amazing memories for you. This trend started a few years ago, and although it continues to change and improve, it is a trend that doesn't seem to be fading.
In the past few years, most reputable companies which rent photo booths provide thematic or custom designed booths. This allows the booth to blend into the overall design of your gala. I especially love it when the bride and groom provide an assortment of fun props - feather boas, vintage clothes, outrageous hats and glasses. All of these accessories allow your guests to jazz up their closeups - avoiding stuffy posed pictures.
Guest books created out of the film strips are also a great idea. These ready-to-use books will help you to get the most bang for your buck. Allow your guests to take a series of photos and then add a written sentimental note to their selection. You may choose to provide a variety of colored pens or possibly scrapbooking paraphernalia to allow your guests to get creative. This is a great way to remember what a fun and exuberant time your guests shared.
There are many different options available to you when renting a photo booth. First and most importantly, choose a company that provides same-day pick up and drop off. The majority of venues do not allow any of your decor to remain on the property after you have left the building. Consider hiring a DJ company that also provides photo booths like Dennon and Doyle. Many of these companies provide discounts when you purchase more than one service. Often, it will also provide you with a technical support person to catch or avoid any glitches.