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I Do Venues ~ Design Inspiration ~ Backyard Details

I Do Venues ~ Design Inspiration ~ Backyard Details


How do you approach design for a backyard wedding? A backyard wedding is perfect for the bride who wants to express herself in a comfortable outdoor setting. The casual environment gives you the opportunity to make the aesthetic uniquely yours--even if it's not in your backyard. A traditional garden party, a casual barbecue, or an elegant tented affair could each be the inspiration for your own backyard wedding.
The creative backyard wedding featured above and documented by the wonderful Amy and Stuart is all about home spun flavor, filled with playful elements to make a memorable celebration. Stepping away from tradition, the couple has embraced the bohemian life style.
The lush green lawn is dotted with vintage rugs, cushions, bolsters, and petite end tables, while a collection of lanterns complete the look. This is a fabulous, affordable alternative to lounge furniture or formal cocktail area. Flowers are accents rather than centerpieces. Oversized cylindrical vases are filled with fresh rosemary and pillar candles which creates a fragrant glow. Alternately rustic wooden vases hold sprays of lavender for a rustic touch.
Unique finishing touches set this soiree apart from the traditional. A collection of flea market antiques are staged as decor, while lavender is used through the design and all the printed collateral. Even a colorful Sangria acts as the focal point of the bar.

Venue Recommendations

The backyard soiree is best set in the proper environment; however, there are a few locations which will do justice to this unique theme. Beltane Ranch in the wine country is perfect for a backyard wedding--just the right size and the setting will remind you of a Sunday family dinner. The other location that comes to mind is Hacienda de las Flores in Moraga. This historic home has an expansive backyard with lush lawns, fountains, and ancient oaks--perfect for this casual design concept.