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I do Venues ~ Cavallo Point ~ Design

I do Venues ~ Cavallo Point ~ Design

Photography By: Stephanie Pool for Lisa Lefkowitz Photography


What other location has nicknamed itself A View with Some Rooms? Cavallo Point in Sausalito is not only an exceptional resort; if you are looking for a location that represents the Bay Area, could it get any better than under the Golden Gate Bridge? Cavallo Point prides itself on offering a bit of everything for the discerning bride, letting you have great fun with your design. An outdoor ceremony can be held with amazing views, or use their traditional chapel. Alternately you can host an intimate indoor ceremony then move to one of their gorgeous reception rooms - the choice is yours and you can custom-create the flow of your event.


The best view in the house is the magnificent Kober Lawn. This location is one-of-a-kind, putting you literally up close and personal with the Golden Gate Bridge. The lawn is situated in such a manner that your guests will be able to absorb everything unique and historic about this wedding venue. This location is great for the diversity it can offer. You can hear the crashing surf, the views are stunning and the preserved greenbelt of this National Park will make your photographer smile.
If you enjoy the idea of a country-themed wedding, explore the idea of using walnut folding chairs. These chairs resemble a "grape vine," which fit perfectly with the soft variegated green color pallet of the surrounding trees and foliage. A touch of vintage and romance is also welcome in the magnificent outdoor setting. For this theme, select the metal scroll garden chair and lots of roses - simple, elegant, and perfect for this setting. The lush green surroundings create a great canvass for a heavily petaled aisle. Try a thick scattering of flowers in your color palette or the unique look of a patterned or monogrammed floral runner. To incorporate movement in your ceremony, ribbons or fabrics that will catch on the wind work well. If you want to make more of a statement, frame the bride and groom in a chuppah style canopy or line the aisles with hanging florals with ribbons that will flutter in the refreshing breeze.